Status #995

Max, Max Max....We love you brother, don't worry about these [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
Max, Max Max....We love you brother, don't worry about these shills...they are just doing their jobs and you do yours.....Don't give them your time, energy, vibration and frequency which they want you to match....don't match their frequency brother...we are with you and we are more powerful than you think, we have already won against the system, now we just encourage, empower our brothers and sisters through the universe's natural evolution into the next dimension. We have all sent out or emitted the right frequency for change, freedom, sovereignty and peace in the galaxy and our universe. The creator and universe has it's own time frame and agenda as well so it operates when it feels it is time not just when we want change to happen. Now we just emit these frequencies and be courageous, raise awareness and more importantly focus on our own evolution in consciousness and awareness because we are the system, we are the world, we are the universe. We are winning this spiritual battle as we are not fighting flesh and blood but principalities in the spiritual realm and not in the physical realm......Love you brother, sometimes we have to go through the things we are going through to help us awaken, evolve and grow into the spiritual beings that deserve to live in such a new world that we are seeking....In Lakech
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