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notice to servant is notice to master..the master is coming [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
via The Full Circle Project
notice to servant is notice to master..the master is coming home to investigate who has been good and who has made his children said..enough said

I agree there will be no revolution...but there is an evolution..well underway...and I agree that any revolution would be distorted by the media and that the traditional media is dead..[and if not will be replaced as we buy up local affiliates and begin again broadcasting locally..

but lets move from vision into reality..for many reasons millions in the street [pro=testing]..will not happen mainly because it don't work..its been tested to death and the system KNOWS how to play that game very effectively..[currently there are many on the streets and we don't hear anything..[the street scene isn't where the treal change is happening..[this will be an online action..people safe in their beds sharing information,.,.[even the system don't have the man power for that

then there is the old state divisions..[what many are the fed GETS ITS POWERS..from the states [and 90 %..of the states are in greek levels of are currently under banker administration..[the state has stopped trying to collect outstanding state debt..and that game is now being done by dunn and brad [in main street]..but the evolution is going to happen in the sub-blurds for too long a cash cow,

,but soon to become effectively walled cities with commons and defensive systems based on weight of numbers and financial boycotting of all state debts..they will act the systems are shut down we will find free energy alternatives as the web shuts down we will take over local stations..i would go on but we already been told the plan..[the system rotted from the head down..its like a punch drunk thug ..he hasn't realised hes dead yet..but we know they know son the gig is up..

we will just outwait the bloated corpse to starve of its life blood our work efforts our imaginations our local networks..our money*..because we have our own money system based on a living seed and its ready to be adopted instantly as the system runs we simply start up industry and our own money system[with the people getting intrest free money.. they can eat… and its able to pay off any odious debt in seeds to the dollar pound or yen or ruble in full..its a take it or leave us spead the word get your local networks going and whatever you do stay off the street..the angels are coming to prepared for a few hard months but by new year it will all be fixed can bank on this ..

you have the word of god's comforter..just be the peace and inform your circle members to be the vengenge in our hearts..we just want to pay these money changers for their 'sir-vices'..and see you later..we don't need your stinking money system anymore ps your fired ..and indeed as jesus said set the non violent prisoners free..wwe will be paying to to serve and protect..but that's it..

all trusts and corporations will be returned to the people pre September..if they close the factory or business form a cooperative and send me the bill ..signed one under the hand of johannine keeping the peace via grace and mercy till we become as one under the only holy holy one the only true god sustaining the living out every heart beat and breath...where thou art oh lord there is thy sure love logic light* 1111
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