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i looked forward to reading the 3 simple things..3 keys [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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i looked forward to reading the 3 simple things..3 keys to triggering..a RADICAL postative shift in con-science..but found 5..after i read on and was told to backtrack…

anyhow i was rudely disctracted and they awoke my sleeping demons..inducing negativity ..anyhow my anger was invoked as there was an advert obscuring these words [edited*

quote]..the act of truly and authentically raising your consciousness,..encompasses and includes living your expand your consciousness [by service to others] described in the framework above.

as above is quoted below
with flowery spin buzz words removed

dramatically shift loosely about the following four things:

1. Understanding
the true nature of reality...[is our perception of reality..[as reality changes so to do our perceptions..alternatly changing our perceptions judgments fears and biases also evolve ..[our UNDERSTANDING..of the perceptions of our percieved reality

2. Experiencing
the full range of human ability and potential...[what does that even means..we dont want a full range of human potential we are spirit beings living out the things that energise us..who needs a full bok when we only want a summation..thus bother readinfg 3 steps..potential is unlimited..human ability full range is wont know what its like to be a parent without child you wont knpow what its like toi live on a yaght paid for by dead badies bodies you sold for 100.000 a wont be king nor martin luther or even the embodyment of your life in awareness you are only limited by your vision

3. Developing
your spiritual awareness...[you have eternity to do and now your here to learn what you love learn right from seek to heal rather than are sentanced to a life in sentanance because your spirit was not ready to give forgiveness and grace to enter that higherr place..but wernt loving the sins youyr previous life enough to get sent into the darkness [in short you are here because you lost your salt..

Matthew 5:13 "

"You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless....[and that dear man-kind is why you are here [just like me]

Luke 14:34 "Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness,

"Salt is good for seasoning. But if it loses its flavor, how do you make it salty again? ..send them down to that place where pure evil resides side by side with pure good..till they chose..[VOLENTARILLY step 4

4 positive impact with your life
by being of someone or something other than yourself.

mant are 'experiencing the shift of service[code from working for jobs people use to be paid to do..used to get money to holiday pay leave loading and sick leave for doing..but now have been a condition to getting govt benefits..[for a commitment to work for free for 3 days at a rate of 8 hours a day]..this enforced govt mandate charity masquerading as service has no spiritual merit..

the advert that obscured the work raised my negative demons..[it linked to a feel good site]..realise people are being set up..the screwing with me stopped my reading and locic in the words..and when I read the words they sent me back..

im so over the system screwing with us..awareness is being aware people are trying to screw with your must come from the heart..via awareness and must not be confused with empathy that is often arising from false judgment..of others lacking..and needing your interferences..

you are charged to help other not live their reality based on what you think they need..yes a whip/threat of law.. might see us doing charity to serve the beast..its slaves..but good works do not need such complicated words

one under god [on strike/on point]
just to be clear here..our rights [the rights of the living]..come from god ..not from any book not from any law..but given freely from god..[we created in 'his image' are the living material mortal heirs of all creation..we did not grant govt greater powers than god gave us..the state only has power over its own creations..and there-in lies the lie,,see govt issue a birth certification..[this certificate is all they can control..[you have been taught/by govt..that they control you..but they only control their own licences permits birth death marriage certifications etc..the courts will ask you if you are mr xx..[ie are you 'a person' under the act..we are not..yes our id is..but by ignorance and a thing called uni-lateral concent..the govt lords powers over the living not sustainable but by huge deceptions and un-informed concent..under the guize a begger knows for what he when you lie [ie applied and signed lies true on govt forms you created govt pertsons..[ie you did are not a have trute ship over persons]..but ignorance is no excuse..if you say you ARE mr xx the court knows your lying but heck if you think your a cotp-orate person..they take the ignorance and do their worst..knowing a fol and his power means money in the bank..[hene any lawyer will tell you never sign ANYTHING..[that sig-nature is the mark..of the beast..[just sign here is an invitation to do fraud..[ask why you need to swear your birth details true..[fukk-king govt knows it..told you dont know..YOU DONT KNOW its true of your own recollection..[ie first hand recall] there and then you lied as you thus bare the ugly fruit via your own ignorance…
Saturday 25 July 2015, 08:52:06
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