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hi junta..i realise your translating your words to English for [...]

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hi junta..i realise your translating your words to English for me..and that is very kind of you..but its important to speak your own tongue ..and say it right as it matches your thought...when I read I read-the-thought-underlying-the-words

[to quote your positive note [quote]..You can described in whatever way. [/quote]. yes u.. things can be described [or explained] many both past or future sense ..we can describe the things other minds imagery have described in words or simply try to rationalise our own middle way.. via our own imagery.

or accept our external guidance [the inner visions..and be then guided by the outcomes or consequences ..but lets return to your note and try to comprehend the word forms into meeting of minds ..

your next words are clear...[quote]..[b]All ways are true. Because all ways are you..[/b].[/quote]..[i]yes that is so true..[/i]..that picture.[vision that ends di-vision].. is how it is..and in the end if we are living_for_other..all the better for revealing the real you /me.or rather the many me.[u+u=me2]..'me'...that when inverted became we..

but once we invert the division..once we see through the dire version there stands the real you ..or rather the real me ..just as you reveal the real me within you....[I over think things..its funny I see the translation of it in my mind over think in context

[not in translation is you I see me..just as in me I see =described in whatever truth we = me too= u2=you 2..but lets move to your next words.

Its so simple. If you fell ..[feel or in its past tense felt]..that something ..[that/then] have to do then you do it. [/quote]

thank you for your words of comfort ..its the same words I have been telling myself ..[confirming]..affirming the truth of your kind words..

You can be expelled from everywhere. It doesn't mater. There is always endless everywhere s. There is endless of everything.
You are endless. It is so simple. [/quote]

yes thank you ..I know that if one is happy one brings that happness with them..[the location cannot make the happiness]..true happiness lies only within..[just as much as we [me] can claim the sadness..and you janta the hope the joy the again thank you for your words.

.[it is clear we hear the common voice ..saying its all good for I am with you allways..together the one book just each a different page..or better a word..that helps the next word form a sentence..but I like things publicly..not secrets an inbox ..because we are a whole lot of me's getting the big we together..openly constantly revealing ever more of the collective of the greater we.inversion

thank you ..and bless you..i hope the words translate back to reveal I feel our oneness too [atonement=at one-meant]....its clear many are feeling it..

blessings are higher than greatings..but together we collectively reveal the bigger being.. of all being ..I will post this into the forum..a great collaboration ..of you in me ..and me in you too

great things happen when we act as one ..for everyone ;}
one under god [on strike/on point]
do not think just reading the info is enough..its not think that saving it in youir computer means it will still be in your computer [it will not]..please see dreamer that once we had books once we printed out important info..once upon a time we saved things to disks tapes pages we held physiclly in our if you save something..its in the cloud..and will be deleted any time the system choses..if yyou think its in your hard drive..ok fine go look there..often you will find it gone..the system has back doors just saving it for future info [they know..they make sure it wont be there..take notes into a book make your own HARD COPY..takje PHYSICAL NOTES..even printing ink in printers is designed to disappear..dont forget this is an info war..and they want you ignorant..totally needing to beg them for any info today the link works..but tomorrow when the web gets taken out you will be on your own././TAKE PHYSICAL NOTES*…
Saturday 25 July 2015, 00:17:25
one under god [on strike/on point]
janta keeps pushing me janta hate hurts us more than it affects ..'them'..yes we are connected to each other ..they feel our hate [or our love]..and react to that..their way of coping is to get rid of us all..they cannot do it like they did in the old they slow kill us and change us in many other ways… their way will be them being master and we being their servant..them with the doing as we are told by their main frame computer systems..

yes we will have the scare-city and the austerity and the sickness and the poverty ..and they will remain the all seeing all knowing..but our time is still to come..their time is nearly over..they will be to blame..but to get angry at them only hurts our soul..

please dear janta don't are far better than that..
you know we are all know ..we each are unique..if it brings hate its not yours to let that fear hate go.

.i know you see clearly..but see that one lost means we all failed..recall the parable of the lost sheep..but first we must sort out our wanting to help the sheep..find their lost mother ..

we all..are here to teach each other to help each other our eyes..minds and hearts
to see the system isn't working for anything but those owning the system..their way is over janta..our way is now just beginning..and it must be via grace love mercy and de-light.
Saturday 25 July 2015, 07:01:11
one under god [on strike/on point]

private corrospendance from janta..i reproduce as referance as we talk of lave and hate..[in copying the post i note there is more preceeding this go to reply it..anyhow janta wrote ..
They are the same. You move away firs, second doesn't exist. You move away second, firs doesn't exist.
It has to be like that because they are the same thing express differently. And both options exist in every of them.
Is just believe. But she will exist if you believe in definition of her and what you have to do when you hate someone. And you will see that kind of expression where ever you look around you if you will anticipate in that sort of one tiny miny liny possibility of possible creations.

I want co kill myself when i was kid, because my parents create total chaos. And then this same parent brought me to on energetic healer. Who show me that he can move object with his tots. After that, and after many takings with him, i understood that what we call human race is knowing so so so so so little about it self, that i was completely blown away.
Your name here is one under god.
What we relay are and what we think of our self's right now it like watching the paperclip and whole universe, without knowing that in that paperclip is whole universe.

one under god
8:06 am on Saturday, July 25th 2015
forgive me junta ..but hate is like an energy flow...say love flows out..then hate sucks energy in..we must always emit energies..[love]..till we begin sucking it in..i was showed this once by a man..[who looks and acts just like the good nice god some movies show...I presume he was much like the healer your parent took you to...ok you know what you think..did his power push or pull the object..does he heal by drawing in or drawing away his vital healing energy..i havnt seen the things you saw..and not sure what moving things with his tots means..[toes come to mind..or force comes to my mind ..but I feel he moved the objects via his energy flow pushing it rather than pulling it..[he was a many would the flow..[I sippose it will be clear if I tell you what gods angel showed me..he asked me to lie on the floor..he lifted my shirt and simply put his pointing finger into my belly button..and asked me to breath out..and I breathed out until people started to panic..but really knew I could have kept breathing out I forced my lungs to breath in..but only to please them...when people are in the zone..go with the flow of exhaling love..hate cant get uin unless we decide to interrupt the energy vibe flow...ok many breath the flow of love out then breath the hate back in ..but its a conscious choosing..where love flows out is no hate can get in

Like · 26 mins

Johan Hendrick reply the first part to janta i note there was more messages ontop of what i read and replied can you say we control recall what you said about your much control over that did you have..NOT ONE BIT..your not to blame for their problems..nor are you to blame for the systems problems..the laxy greeks didn't get a cent and yet they owe all the debt..its not their debt it was those thieving banksters ..who lent the govt money [at intrest] bail the banks out..the money wnt in the monbey went out baxck to the banks and all the people got from thayt system is a debt..that never xited really because the banks lied ..the system found a way to give banks a lot of money and not one living person saw a cent of it excep[t the bankers who got payola setting up the deal..but ignore the sytem..lets say i owe the bank a dollar..its me who owe the bank not was your parents problem that became awas the bankers thieving not yours..[you say i don't get say we control ourselves..[yes we do]..but becaue your parents had issues caused you to perceive you as the reason..[the cause]..but you are not..were not..cannot be your let that go..we are not doing this ourselves..other selves are doing it to you..yes thinking creates ..our reaxction to outside experience..but nothing insiode you made that happen..yes they are different expression of the same thing as we..but if i eat half the cake don't mean you did..i say the system can do as it likes ..but that's their system..i have my own..anti-system..i don't care what it does in its not responsible to the on;ly accountable to my own systems..yiou may be a patt of the system..but you ARE NOT THE system..just as your hand is not you..anf you are more than a hand ..those few you admit run the system..cannot control everythging..only that which the system creates..and the system might have created a birth certificate or a licence or a number or a name or a law..but it didn't create me..they are not me..[except at the higher levels these low lifes have no concept about..and one does not throw pearls before swine ..yes we are equal but till the left hand stops slapping the right hand they don't exist in my reality..[i don't hate them i simply find other things i do love..and refuse to breath in their negative flows..its not important what they do..but what i do..till they wake up..and stop slapping us around..let them explain tpo god [the brain]..i on;ly control my own hand..and their hand cant control the brain..[vengeance is mine sayeth 'the braibn'..not the hand of the system..the brain and the hand are two different things [screw the system] with the brain [or rather the mind..or rather the holy being like one under godhood must be...just like you are too .
[and yes we are all under gods law ..not mens ..gods systems of grace and mercy..light sustaining life via logic that life find a way to love logic and now im at the words you wrote [yes janta it is so simple..even a child gets it..till they pick sides
Saturday 25 July 2015, 10:01:19
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