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AND ONE MORE QUESTION............. IF CREATORS OF EVERYTHING.................. MEET TOGETHER....................... WAT WILL HAPPEND? [...]

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MEET TOGETHER.......................

Thursday 23 July 2015, 19:55:40
Yes and if we each realized this divinity and did not abdicate it to others visions we would not have the world we do. We are equal co-creators but most do not know this and believe what's been told and is told and reinforce this meme instead of choosing for themselves. As some are aware and this site offers a connection I see some concrete action happening.
Sunday 26 July 2015, 12:08:02
[deleted user]
spot on amanda.
Sunday 26 July 2015, 13:15:50
[deleted user]
well concrete actions..... My opinion about that is that humans look to everything separate from each other. Including them selves. But it s not that way. And because we believe that that's how thing are, we just do things in that way. and we live in this kind of world.
Sunday 26 July 2015, 13:26:26
[deleted user]
In that maner, when someon says something that magioriti cant coprehend, magioriti will not be in a stat of full interest of thougts of ttat ididual, thay will start do denayal that what have been sed, or most usual examle... they call you mad.
Sunday 26 July 2015, 13:28:58
one under god [on strike/on point]
I would never call you mad janta..ok your pushy..but that's ok ..[anyhow as you know I share our talks..but I figure we should keep our talks on your own lets go [you asked me [quote]

1:08 pm on Sunday, July 26th 2015
why did you change your name?..[I looked at it all over the place messing the circle thing up..and things changed so I change back to my backup name
i saw that there are big lakes in canberra. ]..yes Canberra is a planned has a fake lake..and was planned to be a stage..for amasing things..its full of end;less parks and gardens..for the people to gather in when the right time comes and we birth the rainbow erphant..into the new age

4:45 pm on Sunday, July 26th 2015
my friend....
how you little bit pushing you...[its ok ..I need to be pushed to explain..and I like to explain..but usually people do not ask questions..they just think what they think and ignore me..[and im fine with that too..i like to be the invisible to speak truth to high powers as the fool or the joker [or as one under god..or as the johan9..aa the occasion demands
[quote]..well because of that we all came here. to push each other. to see new ways of seeing us and things around us . don't we?..[of course janta..its nice to talk to people who care as much as we do
[quote].. Im not trying here to say that im right someone else is wrong.... no my friend. im just pointing out what is iust on my mind. like you. like everybody here....[and for this I love you..i need to be pushed..talking to you is better than talking in court..and speaking openly saves me repeating the same things over and over again

[quote].. if we are one with everything johannine.... im sure you agree with that. but see... we just are saying things without completely understanding what they really mean...[quote]..we are they janta ..but as I tried to explain I am not you you are not me..and thus I cant take your credit or blame..for now its easier id we just know that we are one..but playing different parts out in lifes play..till everyone gets on the same page..[quote]
if that so you also have to be one with those who you call controllers. that doesn mean that you act like them, but in some way you do. look this world. we are controlling each other every day in endless senses....[janta neither you or me is a controller [although im having scxond thinkings about you..[wink]..but eriously ..we each have god within us sustaining our our every living breath..but each must play different rolecx..for it all to make sense..[a I saif the bute who hurts people must not say its the victims fault..for now we must learn what is good love and what is not..[recall I said love is like exchaling our breath and that stopping the out breath by breathing in is hate..we simply cant be breathing in or out at the same time..we either do one or the other....[QUOTE}.. On work, at home, when you enjoy with your friends. always someone want to control someone ells or something else. and if he or she dont get that control, people became very angry..[dear janta if you loose control..its not my fault..if I loose control its not your fault either..janta remember your parents..that was them..not you not me but them..ok they have the same holy spirit in them giving them their living..but they chose their acts ..just as you chose yours and I choose mine..we cant take the blame for others sins,...[the people who say jesus can can jesus take the blame..if you still loving to don't make many times must he take the blame..thats what silly ignorant people do..or a child says..but your a big girl not be conned they too mkust learn right from wrong..its not impiortant for us to judge,,[god said vengeance is mine, we trust him to figure it out...[quote]..... i remember that you said that you were been cast out from some sites or forums.
why?..[I jut say what I think..if bankers are stealing govt away from helping the people I say it..if a leader says a dumb thing I reveal it..people don't like truth..but that is not my problem..i only have truth grace and mercy and love,...I must speak my truth or I cant live with myself..[its not for me to judge..but if its wrong and I know its wrong I must speak up..or explain to the most holy one why I didn't..[its said if you see a problem..its your duty to fix it....[quote]..
because the owner of that site dont want to have on that site people who question everything and have courage to speak his own true. like you do. [quote] the moderators like me but the complainers want me gone so they get together and don't stop till im gone..others think what they think..i just move on ....[quote]
my parents....
what control i have had over them? all control if i want to use it. control of what i can do to them, and what they could do to me.
Because what i do to them, change that what they will do to me. my way and their way correspond with each other.
i could have walked away from them. or ..[yes of course glad you didn't..see all life is sacred..but you know that in your heart, the issues we don't fix in this life we need to face in the next..everything you did is ok the things you didn't do is better..for not doing them....[quote]...
you can do have all control over you and others that are corresponding with you.

me not to blame for their problems...
but i was their problem. every kid in this world is enormous problem for their parents because only 1% have enough money for living in tranquility. all others are in deep shit when baby comes, because that means complete slavery for those parent who have to work all day, to feed that child, they can not be with each other any more, because they work all day, they are angry of about everything that surrounds them, because they dont see each other, they cant fuck each other... and divorce is on horizon. child's traumas....also on horizon.
their problem becomes instantly my problem. or any child problem...[yes your heart is in the right place..butb there are some things we just cannot fix..thing is we al make bad choices..but if we ort them for them they will just make the same mistakes over and over again ..until they learn..[I tried to explain the same thing today at the waking times facebook page..they were talking about past lives..I explained that's demonic possession..that lot spirits were stealing a young childs lives..[but the thing is the child attracted the innocence [usually via a traumatic event that releases the soul attatchment to his body..and the evil spirit slips in..there I mentioned the story jesus said about fixing peoples demonic possession..if they still will to sin..the vile spirit returns with 7 friends..thing is some love their sin [although they know not the karma their love of it can bring...,.[quote] are not separate from them by any mean. everything what they do affects you immediately if you are near them, and affects afterward in life if you arent with them. But will affect you one way or another.

me is not to blame for sistem problems...
but i use money, go to banks, went to church all my young hod, went to school, went to college, paying taxes, and didnt know shit about all that i know now.
we are the sistem, we create it. by doing things and thinking of things the way we do.
we do this. all the time. [end quote]..yanta the system ha made it that we cant live without systems..but that don't mean we are to blame for a system that has been et up by vile people two thousands of years ago..we must let jesus take the blame..or them..its not your fault let that shame blame go..its not yours to hold....[quote]
if majority of people give up of banks....very simple....they will now longer exist. they cant. we are making them by believing in them and in the money like a source of trade. But we can trade on endless ways. but we dont. because we forgotten that we can. and that is why we have this what we have.[end quote] not saying we need to get rid of banks..[as I was explaining to the priests at my door today..god has his own money system..we don't need their money nor their banks..but that is another topic ..ask that question their please......[quote]

you say laxy greeks? But how thous greeks have to live that they dont be laxy?..[end quote] ..I never said greeks are lazy..that came from the banker troika..not me....[quoe]
On the street with old umbrella with holes on it and have a piece of old bred beneath their ass so it could be warm, when temperatures drop below zero?
We live in such a shithole that we completely forgot how beautiful life can be, and then every one who doesn't live in shithole we call it laxy.
they are in same situation like everyone else. because they don't understand anything about what is going around them, why is going on in that way, and who is doing this.
But on the end...maybe it sound little rude... they are doing it to themselves because they dont know the real reason why is this happening. and if you dont know that something that bother you, you cant act in the way to change it...[end quote]..a I said if the govt isn't serving you stop paying it its own money..govt can print its own don't need ours..but the bakers stole govt right to issue its own money via its own banks..again that's not your fault..they stole it a 100 years ago..its not your fault..i only found out about gods money 20 years ago..but again people don't want it or ask me to explain..[ok a few courts know bits and those who got me kicked off forums do..but again its not your fault or mine..i just am to blame for the things I did or didn't do..[and that's it].....{QUOTE}
if something is happening around you and that is affecting you, but you dont know what is going on, but also wanna get out of that, because its not what you want for yourself, you will stay there until you understand...[no dear janta I do like jesus said wipe the dust from my feet and go....[quote]..
That is simple way how energy functions. And the way how quants of energy arrange them selves whit in each other. [end quote]..dear janta in our body a a man said to me today are googilians of quants..they do not arrange themselves a much a our body say be here or be there ..we are far more than the dots of dust that makes us whole..into our body form...[quote]

if you eat a half of cake it doesnt mean i did it also......
see my friend.......
here we come on some very interesting territories. because people is afraid of anything that goes beyond what we call normal. and because is afraid it dont go there where miracles are waiting to manifest. And rest in way of doing things like they always did. and also calling miracles like that because they cant explain them...[janta are the miracle..please see the revelation reveals..the miracle..the miracles are all around us..we just need the rveal of the rev-elation to reveal their own way in our own time..w have eternity..because lucky for us energy cannot be created nor destroyed,,and we are energy human form....[quote]
in our fictional time, in which we believe is real and with no deeper understanding what impact in our life have that our invention, there was a man in quantum physics who have understood that atoms have no solidity. They are package of energy that has no solidity. many of shamans, artists, astronomers others have known that for forever. But this guy with name Max Plank have cam with prooff that in beginnings of last century...[end quote]....yes of cours all we feel with our senses is affect..of the orbits of the elect-rons pro-trons new-trons etc all racing arrounf an atom..[that science now ha looked at and..seen that..even it isn't a thing but a field of affect....much like the eye of a cyclone the electrons et are trying to get into..but cant..[quote]
when someone tells you that atoms have no solidity, and we live in solid world. something is wrong. something is terribly wrong with everything. isnt?..[quote] there is not anything ..'wrong' the beginning as the priest said to me just today..the agels revelled..and god had to put them he put them here..after they died and rejected joining god in the light god made a dark place where they can hide from god..[pleae don't ever tell them that god lives within them too sustaining them their very life even in that presumed godless place many call hell..but where else for the godless to dwell?..they cant forgive others ..[to get grace is a easy a giving cant go to heaven..they have to go somewhere....[quote]
if people in this reality were been conscience enough in that point of are existence there will be a massive globally debate back then between people about what that means for every one.
But there was now reaction. Why... Because 99% didnt know for that discovery because back then there was no way of transporting information....[end quote]..dear janta..when you were a child you thought childish you are grown-up you think about grown upthings..[like quants]..yes god would love to have us all know how great we are..but many are not ready to know these things..[even today]....[quote] Except army. Which knew that for always. Why? Because public perception of army is one thing. Their real purpose its completely other thing....[end quote] dear janta they don't know either id they dis know they would know that all war is murder..and that god calls that the highest take the life god alone sustains from another living these war mongers knoweth not that they sin..or they would stop it immediately..its not my job to tell them..they only listen to those giving orders and I will not order anyone to do anything..if people ask I explain..but till then I know they are not should not cast pearl before wine..they will eat it and break their teeth then I get the karma for their stupidity ..=no thanks...[quote]

im interested...
what is your opinion about atoms?
see they create everything like we was told. dint we?
have a nice day my friend. down to you is dark already.[/quote] yes its dark here now too..i like atoms..they are much like god..unseen..yet holding it all together unseen..its not they who hold everything together that thing=god..or rather all energy [e-mass] all mas trying to get back to god..cheers
Monday 27 July 2015, 11:01:23
[deleted user]
full warp speed forward
Monday 27 July 2015, 18:44:50
Tuesday 28 July 2015, 03:13:44
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