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What ever your agenda is, intention ore strategy I would [...]

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What ever your agenda is, intention ore strategy I would like to know what human need you trying to fulfill? This is in other words request for sincereness and at the same time observe able reality.
I want to know what do you feel because you need right at the moment then you read this. Try to be in your mind only at the present time, so what is life in you at the moment? Love the flowers means pay attention to those plants needs and take care of. Grandma tell to her grandkid: go and talk with the flower it loves it and flower. And kid watch it, pay attention, notice about water …
Where ever we keep our attention to, we will find solution, fix, modify, adapt... because our brain can not stop thinking even if we try too. Just sit and stare to the flower and after while you will catch yourself picking out dry leaves, stopping finger in the pot checking humidity...
So when we see each other naturally we checking up each others vitality It is impotent to know: how are we? order to with our activities to not hurt each other ore disturb, get in a way and so one, that is save way to drive. And when we get in disturbing conflict it is because we loosed focus from how are we. It is like driving and text sms. Walking on the real life planet among living beings and navigate by nonsense in our heads it is serious till madness to death(!). When two humans pay attention to each others needs after while they finger out that they have got different pie organs and ..shit happens, new human arrive, emerge from this life planet, like a apple from apple tree.
Who you are is a wiggle of life that exist regardless you and there is no you it is all one life. Ego is imaginary perception of yourself and the only thing that is mortal.
We have control over our bodies and we need to have awareness about life-hood in us. We have some awareness other ways we would be dead and rising awareness paying attention what we feel and need put us in harmony regardless what kind of system we came up with. It is same trick like staring at the flower.
I don't care if some one is total psychopath Just ask people how they are so you know how to navigate in harmony included your own needs. Everyones needs matter equally, because no one can consume more then one need and we have technical ability to maintain free access to necessities for life in abundance.
We invest in each other and pay attention to things that keeps us together. Always seek cooperation with attention to needs. Fulfill needs = live. I hope it make sense to you, because I don't feel like telling you something new, we all already know that deep in our hearts , we just do not pay attention to it. Because we pay attention to a moving pictures putt in sequence in order to tel us a story. And story is something we run after like a dog after stick. We can let it go because it is wrong, unjust cruel, bad and other imagination in our heads.
I miss humane friendships with awareness about each others needs and free giving from the heart.
I will do anything for that: I will lie, cheat and I can bite and kick =O) Just kidding that we do for money. For imaginary cause. It is never enough stuff we don't need. We can satisfy needs that are real.
I will love you all as hard as I can, meaning pay attention and take care of our needs – that what we do for our selfs.
To approach each other with love means caring about each others needs. I don't need your “good will” it does not exist it. I need you ask each other every day: How I can make your life more wonderful? Well, do not repeat everyone same, you rephrase that intention with words that fits your culture and situation. You can ask: whats going on in you at the moment? Ore whats up fag? ;O) what ever... as long you have caring intention in your heart shine through your eyes.
Some times we all get stuck in the dream and need to wake up, fall down and need to get up, but if you fall in love hold on to it.
You have to take very good care of your self be in top shape in order to give care for others. Other ways where from that energy comes if all I can do is taking care of me? Well we accumulate efficiency by cooperation. Keep the balance every-bodies needs have to be met in order to do anything, no sacrifice, no giving in.
If you do sacrifice so much that you need money as compensation for it, then I would say don't do that it is not worth, life is to short to do anything from feeling of obligation, duty, have to and more imagination. Life is for to do, because it nourishes, because you love, want... and more sense able stuff.
So do you want to be happy in imaginary terms ore for real?
John B
Hey Sylvester, Much love my brother. I think what you write about on here regarding non-violent communication is vital for the well-being of this site. We must work to heal the people around us through kind thoughts, words and actions. It all comes down to us and every little bit counts to make a better world.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 20:55:46
[deleted user]
LOVE and HUGS to you both Sylvester and JOHN B and everyone for that matter(((()))) thanks for keeping it real on here.
Friday 1 April 2016, 05:07:25
John B
hugs T. Love ya
Friday 1 April 2016, 05:45:35
[deleted user]
Love you too:))
Friday 1 April 2016, 17:02:58
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