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We need idea people! A great idea not just idea, [...]

Reigate, Surrey
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We need idea people! A great idea not just idea, something to shock them...
agreed and heavely contemplating on it daily :)
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:46:06
something to launch ubuntu into the sky, make it world famous in one shot... the golden goose
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:47:23
@qba this are just words, they are nice but it's sound impossible at least for another 100 years
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:53:27
And then how! You need a big movment not just in a city or a country, you need all over the earth, the way Michael talking about it it will take a few centry to resonate
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:54:41
just rtying to give more clarity on what you men't mate, trying to help you motivating people to think about it, think with us in the search for the breaktrue moment for this liberation movement :)
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:55:58
Thursday 31 March 2016, 21:56:11
Since I meet Tellinger I can't stop thinking about his words and they are not new first time aristo talk about this thinks but I'm Kurdish from north iran, I don't knew if you have much information about Middle East but it's fucked up and how I'm gonna tell this think to uneducated people with very strong belive of Mohamad and God!!!
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:00:26
I already speak to my familly and other Kurdish people and they tell me I'm crazy..
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:01:37
thats why we are all here, matey.. make the resonating stronger, find some comforting words from like minded people.. its very hard to life in this society once you opened your eyes, we are all here because michael toucht our very inner feelings and it awoke something in us, worth fighting for, a light at the end of the dark tunnel, Ubuntu !! we are here to find unity.. to spread the message and from time to time ask for help or comforting words from people in the same state as we are, awoken in a world of darkness... love be with you brother and please do realise we are all here with the same goal !!
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:01:48
yup we all been there, people thinking we are crazy.. but thats why we are here, to share our experiances and realise we aren't the crazy one's, but those that don't realise how money has enslaved us. wow ok middle east. i feel for you mate, the way the west is destroying all what is good there is something i feel deeply ashamed of every day man !!
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:06:37
I don't see we!!
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:07:13
There is always 1 to fucked everything, I think we don't have money that's why we are here, I'm not been negative just honest.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:09:32
click on Home ( top of the page) watch the world map, do that daily and see our numbers grow
Thursday 31 March 2016, 22:21:03
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