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Hi Everyone As you can see from Nicks last post the [...]

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Hi Everyone
As you can see from Nicks last post the next meeting is being held Sunday 10th
We have made a connection with a group known as Umbrella Fair Project (UFO) A Northampton-based community co-operative of local people promoting sustainable living and community co-operation. Rory who is in our circle volunteers for them and the cafe where we last met is run by them. They have the use of a grade2 listed pavilion on the old racecourse park. We have met some of the committee and they are willing to give us the use of a room when we wish to use it.
At the last meeting one of the ideas put forward was to hold talks/presentations to the local community on topics we feel relevant at this time. It was left for people to go away and see if they had any contacts willing to give talks or if they wished to present there own.
Upon talking and research it seems many people are willing to come and talk for the cost of petrol money so the overheads are low. We plan on asking those that attend if they wish to make a donation and hopefully this will cover the cost.
I have currently made contact with a few people who are willing to come and give talks on a variety of subjects. So this is where we are at the moment and there is every reason to be optimistic and believe we can manifest this.
May I ask if everyone in our circle could please give me some feedback on how you wish to see the circle progressing and the level of commitment that you are able to give? I appreciate we all live very busy matrix lives and can't always contribute in the manner we wish. However it would be very handy to know who exactly is planning on attending our next meeting and who wishes to actively contribute to any ideas they or others may have and actively see them through. We have now reached the point where we can make the next step forward and I don't want us to go ahead make decisions at the next meeting without letting everyone have their thoughts heard (if you can't make it let me know). Its also important for us to know where to spend our energy going forward. PLEASE make your thoughts known to me.
Thanks for reading
well, i'm still here...
Friday 1 April 2016, 20:58:58
Hi Carla
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:36:53
[deleted user]
Hiya How you doing?
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:37:32
I'm still about and wish to get involved. A few major life changes since we last met but believe things will be settling down soon! I will keep in touch
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:38:02
[deleted user]
Oh all good I hope. Hows Jack and the family? I've been speaking to Louise the FCP site coordinator and she wants some feedback on how we think its going and how our circles are developing if you wanna get involved or have any suggestions let me know. I'n just messaging her now.
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:41:53
[deleted user]
Is the next meeting date convenient for you as its on a Sunday again? Nick and I are pretty flexible so if you fancy meeting up before than at a more convenient time let us know and I'll arrange it.
Monday 4 April 2016, 20:43:25
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