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Neil Warren
The whole "Anon / Anonymous" hackers united thing seems to be falling apart / have been CIA infiltrated, Arro? It's what some are saying on Fa£$€book Inc at the moment now, anyway. And I do recall Louise "Gone-Now" Collins, on UK Column, reading out from their commenting bloggers, "Oh...V for Vendetta says..." with me thinking "so what, who is that, when and how could we work together...etc.?" Would you expect your direct energy installer in 2018 to knock on your door wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and cloak, and showing you an ID saying "It's me, A for Arro" (or V for Vendetta) etc.?
Thursday 31 March 2016, 14:04:47
I don't have clue what you saying but we are anunemous, me and you! Rather than looking for negative points look for positive points and how you can do it as well, remember we are trying to find every dots and bit of the puzzles so we can get an a nuclear bombproof. If I knew how I can do it I wouldn't wait mate
Thursday 31 March 2016, 18:27:04
Neil Warren
I'm not anonymous though. I have a wife, adult children, a grandchild, some friends (still), and so on. If they are all going to be turned to dust / nuked / starved / whatever, then so am I. Also is "Michael Tellinger" an example of anonymity?
Friday 1 April 2016, 17:28:50
neil, do you enjoy the English royal family enslaving you and your entire family? Killing the earth. who are you defending? i love that video! anonymous is here to help!
Monday 4 April 2016, 03:02:20
Neil Warren
Can you see this and us, "good" or "Arro" (and what do you think I think or know about Liz Windsor & pals enslaving Brits and many others)?:…
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 14:41:06
Neil Warren
It's 18 /pages and hundreds of panel-comments long, with multi-links per (some) panels, by the way. This is the last /page_18:…
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 14:42:47
Neil Warren
There are also 12+ sectors in those forums (the Thrive ones some of us are using to indicate our areas of skill / interest on here), and probably one hundred+ similar discussion groups resulting:
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 14:44:56
Neil Warren
I got involved trying to co-create the equivalent to what we're doing here and now from Sept 2013, working 40+ hour weeks with "us" all, so yes, I am probably aware of that, in short.
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 14:46:08
Neil Warren
I'm guessing / haven't looked "good", if 3,491 miles away puts you in N America? And either way, do you know Alaska Superior Court Judge Anna von Reitz / Reitzinger, for comparison, and to decide if her $279Trillion lien is equally helpful, in conjunction with whatever Anonymous are or are not achieving?:…
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 14:50:40
@neil have you got any better idea! Ok I'm not gonna explode the parliament you tell me what I do ;)
Thursday 7 April 2016, 16:10:29
Neil Warren
I'm all in favour and support of exploding the parliament, Arro.
Friday 8 April 2016, 14:12:34
Neil Warren
I'm also all in favour and support of any of us who helped to do that, being able to recognise / communicate / support / work with each other as the dust settles. Picture 9-11, only with The Good Girls (and Guys) in charge now? And NO-hierarchy-NO-money system beckoning, as per UBUNTU 101?
Friday 8 April 2016, 14:14:37
Neil Warren
QED: It's not my place in life (and never was as it happens) to "tell you what to do", or anyone else. I am nonetheless more than interested in what you and yours are going to do, "covertly" for now if needs be, and more so "overtly" once we are each and all free of the Old, Dying, Dead, Command & Control or Money+Hierarchy System and people?
Friday 8 April 2016, 14:17:47
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