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Thank you is a celebration of life in the moments [...]

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Thank you is a celebration of life in the moments when we fulfill our most urgent needs. Please is an opportunity to make life more wonderful then it is and create reason for celebration of life.
Please and thank you is all what we need to say to each other and hear from each other.
This is a basics of language of life ore in academical terms NVC Nonviolent Communication.
It is a language that we can recognize and feel with our hearts and it is put in to do able guide lines by PhD in clinical psychology Marshall Rosenberg.
That is it! That is the best and the only one, of cause until some one will finger out better, but for now, it is edge and top in communication department.
Com on guys I just discover blue print how to build paradise, that is the key from the Garden of Eden.
Where ever we put our focus collectively it will happens. What do we have in our minds right now = what happening around. In order to make a change it is not good enough to point out shortages, we need solutions and to have awareness about what we do need? what we do love? what we do want? And actively seek it. NVC is a powerful tool I suggest use it as official way to communicate fore the same reason that we use traffic rules. Use traffic rules in the crossroads = use NVC in conflict . But we use traffic rules road long, same way language of life serves life life long.
I feel like a 'Hitler of love' and I want to occupy with love whole world! And we have got blue print How to actually accomplish that.
First we create paradise among ourself and then let people in, joy us, just show them ways we learned by ourself and let more knowledge coming in.
If you need a cult leader, I need Elvis sunglasses, nice hat, pimp cane and hippie pussy rivers =O)

Don't be serious life is sincere We all going to die so lets get fun while we get stuck here together.
Well for observe able reality non of us will die any way because we are just a wiggles of live Fruits of love and life on this planet. We came out of this biomass and are part and result of it. Our purpose is to keep the balance and avoid mistakes of our ancestress.
Wake up means get out of your minds. To wake some one up means un-hypnotize back to observe able reality.
3, 2, 1 open your eyes, smell, sense that is real. You will not hear any judgments, criticisms, assaults and other imaginary stuff. From now one we will listen with our hearts and sense each others feelings and needs.
The fact that one have not done something is evidence it self, that one don't have to do anything accept if one choose to do so by realizing how it will enrich life.
Freedom to me is: no one have to do anything and at the same time freedom is something that we need to claim for ourself no one will give it to us.
We all are lazy to do something that we do not want to do and when we do something against our will, we all pay for that collectively. There fore lets do something that makes life more wonderful, something that we love, because it nourish us.
We “have to” to do things only in order to achieve something if we choose to do so. When one knows what need, one acts with natural energy for life. That power is grater then power of greed and fear. Love is unconditional care for life and that is how we power our party.
Both please and thank you are words of subservience. When we lovingly share, neither is necessary.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 11:44:09
[deleted user]
Yes it is like making love Who giving and who receiving if both are pleasantly enjoy
Thursday 31 March 2016, 20:45:19
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