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Seen the event, N, and struggling at the moment to [...]

Ampthill, Central Bedfordshire
via Coeo
Seen the event, N, and struggling at the moment to communicate regularly enough with our volunteer / host coder, whole site including COEO = Mat Dowle, then Ray Savage who is offline but doing the London (April 9) and Newry - Ireland conferences with Michael Tellinger. I have £0 to spend. I did like the whole idea and web-presentation here though, so don't give up and let us know what (and who) happens, even if it's "nobody and cancelled".
Neil Warren
Oh, OK, down here in comments I also see Fred and Rory. Hello both, and give "new improved joined-up multi-media communications" your best shot too, please, will you? (I sofa surf between Mum in Bedford and wife where I am over extended "Easter" visit just now, MK45 "branch-community"
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 12:22:45
Rory L
Hi Neil, thanks and hope to meet you in the future
Thursday 7 April 2016, 09:45:41
Neil Warren
Thanks Rory. We're bound to, and I'm also working to make that easier / sooner / happier, not least by encouraging any of us who can to get back to "normal" Real Name, face, skills to contribute, ball-park location, etc.. Mat Dowle suggestion that we start to build in cross-profile endorsements, on this principle (what do you think?):…
Friday 8 April 2016, 14:24:11
Rory L
Sounds good. One thing I am trying to concentrate on is getting together a small community who trust each other and then expanding it from there . People , companies and especially political groups tell you what you want to hear, it is difficult to know what is the truth. So meeting people online through endorsement as it were sounds good.
Saturday 9 April 2016, 07:52:51
Neil Warren
If I'm reading your avatar accurately, you might like this example from world-wide FORUMS -> Spirituality (started by a chap called Athanasios):…
Saturday 9 April 2016, 17:09:31
Neil Warren
I'm more "focused" for now, on this aspect of us, since my wife and I had everything (freehold of 15 years plus contents, which was home, office, art studio, the lot) stolen, 14 Jan 2014:…
Saturday 9 April 2016, 17:12:11
Rory L
possible big changes for me soon, but will be persuing it in the next week or so
Tuesday 12 April 2016, 20:11:43
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