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hi guys, just wanted to say hello and possibly join [...]

Waterford, County Waterford
via Ubuntu - Ireland
hi guys, just wanted to say hello and possibly join the circle in Ireland
Welcome and many blessings
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 10:03:27
Neil Warren
Hi Tom, and I'm running around our new profiles on here, trying to get as many as possible to see what was achieved via "lawfulbank", if only I and a few others could have carried on evolving that into "we-contribute/peoples-banking" or whatever. For now, if you Google "lawfulbank Eire dublin" or "lawfulbank gb bt belfast" kind of deals, can you see anything? Opening pages too? Members? The idea might be that we find a way of getting them to join us here now, but obviously we're going to have to look "(self)-organised" and communicative, at the very least.
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 12:03:15
Neil Warren
"Astral Mike" might have been a necessary protection in recent years Mike, but (ditto with above), is it who you'll be when (if) we meet offline at a conference or I find your permaculture college cum higher dimensions spirituality discussion group, and want to pay you in People's Bank alternative currency (methadone money) for whatever?
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 12:06:03
Neil Warren
Correction: 10,515 miles apart, offline!? Where are you? ;-)
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 12:07:04
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