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HI Beautiful people who care;) Two questions 1) Does anyone know anything [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
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HI Beautiful people who care;)
Two questions
1) Does anyone know anything about Chemtrails at night? Is there any difference or agenda to the spraying being done in the dark? I noticed two Huge long chemtrails being sprayed last night on a walk in the dark.
2) Has anyone seen any chemtrail planes take off or land? Are the planes coming from smaller airports? If so has anyone been to these airports?
I am aware of the planes being remote controlled by computer. Has anyone met any of the pilots?
Thank you friends
hi, I wish i could help you as this concerns me also, I did however hear Richie Allan play a clip of another radio show where the presenter read out a message from someone praising her husband for saving the environment by spraying the skies full of metal to save us all lol, she called him an "unsung hero" it could have been someone taking the p*ss though. It was yesterdays "Sunday view" on YouTube..
Monday 28 March 2016, 20:45:18
your very welcome, sorry I could not be of more help.
Monday 28 March 2016, 21:30:27
Robert L
The study of many such multi scalar weapons is endless and will No doubt leave you in what The Kaballayon (The three initiates) calls Duality and a very negative polarity or mindset and I can maybe help a little in your understanding of military multi weapons. You can do more about this than you think because when you understand how you are created as a reflection of your creator or Image of creator. What you think and speak creates. The mind of one awakened person can morph or transmutate any thing. The first Miracle Jesus Did was morph Water into wine. You can speak to water and it will program with the vibration of what ever medicine you verbally program it to be. Masaru Emoto scientifically proved this in his studies. So for example If I say to a glass of water "you water now become perfect perfect clustered water and you cleanse and become God or ALL's perfect concept of what water originally was. Every thing is about frequency vibration good and evil in the world that has come very low. Chemtrails are about mostly military weapons but include technology to Read the human mind! It is a "space Fence" also to dim the vision of "aliens" and most Life Forms or living beings are benevolent and non violent and many do not reside in our 3rd dimension AND MANY ARE NOT VISIBLE in our limited ability to de code dimensional realities and some even God can NOT explain to us because we are not equipped mentally with the brain software in our DNA to understand them. So we have many technologies not understandable to the human mind made by some fearful Governments to protect earth. Chemtrails has a Government Class in Ohio I believe and is not conspiracy theory but a real classified undecypherable composite of what ever they want to put in it. It can NOT be fully analysed! see this video by German scientist and journalist Harald Kautz Vella :… Be warned this trying to understand chem trails and Fabricated History Religions Reasons for war (love of money and greed) I do not have all the answers if I did I would be God. I can give you some direction but most all study will lead to bunny trails and you will get lost in the Mis information especially on Youtube it is all smoke screened to a highly brilliant level of confusion on purpose that leads to you giving up in frustration... Chem trails go into scalar technology (brain waves are Scalar also) Part of it is nano technoligy that can program into the similation of any disease or can be activated to kill any targeted individual! The particles you breathe fingerprint your whole body to be "seen" by satallite so that your whole Body is a "chip" I speculate that Chem trails protect the planet from "aliens" and also can melt any nuclear missile fired at america and helps them read your thoughts so Evil or basically bad people can be identified including satanists. "aliens have much more "power than any satanist or occult weirdism... Chem trails are part of the occult arms race... The shit and agendas are endless and the Planet has been Ruled by psychopaths and those who generate war for profit. To study Duality (good and evil) only creates more Polairity (negative mindset) but is in my opinion a waste of time. I learn more from my Angel friend.... She wisdom PUTS up with my trying to understand just a little what Geniuses like Nicola Tesla would have trouble understanding. It goes much farther than studying Hollow Earth, Hollow Moon, and Hollow Sun. The cosmos is maintained by Angelic Federations, stellar and Galactic... Life forms are infinite.... You live safe in the electric universe and that is consciousnesses the universe is consciousnesses or God or ALL's Brain. Christ consciousness I prefer although our concept of Christ or Yeshua is much twisted as Constantine is in part responsible for much twisting History. Jesus said The kingdom of God does not come with observation but it is within. Try the pineal eye if you want to "see" in the spirit. You can uncreate chemtrail chemicals with your Mind. Transmutate them. Your body is over 70 percent water speak to the water to achieve any frequency or immunity you need... News Lies and Propaganda generate Fear and that is a vibration that creates disharmony. Knowing your thoughts and words create on some level like God thought and spoke his consciousness and mental universe into existence. In short over 156 billion light years of "visible universe" to infinite created and is creating still as I write this... The Psychopaths some call the cabal and those that have ruled man kind mainly for profit and some satanists many have been absorbed in estacy mercy. You might say these evil rulers have chosen to be deleted to non existence this choice is their stupid pride when GOD's very essence is LOVE. This process continues unseen by humans and seems a paradox.... We are Ascending as a planet on various levels seen or unseen... This set of Youtube vids may help a little. Others I can find in time.… This one is the Best overview I have found. DNA Pirates of The Sacred Spiral :… You may also like Drunvalo Malchesedek at I can also be found at Facebook Phoenix Az. Robert LeDoux You might like The Kaballyon… Religions will frustrate you more than any thing. Universal Law gives you some answers. I am not exactly your average Christian. I do see Angels and some of the spirit realm and have more responsibility than I would Like... The videos should help you understand a little. They may also create more of a Duality Polarity mind set and fear does not change the world. A single mind can stop wars and greed if the person knows who they are and the Gift god has given them... Change the atmosphere around you with your mind or the mind of Christ or All if you prefer and Chem Trails Mean NOTHING concerning you. Fukashima can transmutate or have its atomic structure changed. In Him we live and move and have our Being or existence. You exist safe in the mind of God some call it ALL but it is beyond Gender.
Monday 28 March 2016, 22:14:57
Monday 28 March 2016, 22:18:40
Monday 28 March 2016, 22:19:47
Monday 28 March 2016, 22:21:11
John B
I have noticed their spraying more, It lets me know that the parasites are running scared and desperately trying to go forward with their plans while the whole world is shining a light on 'em. It ends up making me feel more empowered at this point.
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 04:12:00
John B
I enjoyed your post Robert. especially the bit about galactic federations. :)
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 04:33:38
hey _I_, nice questions.. there's been tons going on here since at least 5am in the south of france.. before sunrise i took a pic that captured 4 or so, but 10 mins later i took another pic that had at least a dozen in the sky! i notice them at night here too sometimes, more so when i lived in paris.. the skies of paris are often raped by chemtrails- there's 3 airports around the city and i've noticed a heavy concentration of them all around the southern airport (orly).. Also, anyone notice blackish chemtrails? i swear i see them from time to time, but usually i see them cutting thru regular clouds, so i dunno if it's just the contrast of colors
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 08:37:48
[deleted user]
HI Awaken thanks I have not seen the black chemtrails personally. But others on here have posted about them and there is/was a video on them on here somewhere. I guess they spray a white and black chemtrail one after the other. I am intending my focus to elicit the humanity of the people controlling or flying these planes to awaken and stop what they are participating in. I feel that other people are focusing on this as well. I focus for a mass awakening of these pilots/controllers to "STOP NOW" if not for themselves then for their/our children.
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 19:37:19
get'em! and good luck
Wednesday 30 March 2016, 07:05:33
See if they come up on,1…, you might get lucky and be able find out where they land.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 04:29:51
[deleted user]
Thank You Dariya:)))
Thursday 31 March 2016, 04:37:36
John B
HA yes. My secret weapon: Concentrated Ground to Air Heart Energy Pulse.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 04:38:44
John B
Love Frequency Missiles.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 04:39:16
LFM's ha! good one John
Thursday 31 March 2016, 09:48:49
Saturday 2 April 2016, 23:34:50
John B
haven't noticed any chemtrails for a few days now here in Tahoe, I think almost a week. They seem to have been on a frenzy then they just stopped
Sunday 3 April 2016, 05:44:55
John B
clear blue sky all day not a single one
Sunday 3 April 2016, 05:45:17
It is actually a public notice for them to renew their permit and it will be open for comments until May 2, we may be able stop them from renewing it if enough people complain or comment.…… second one is the draft for the permit
Saturday 9 April 2016, 12:09:24
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