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Here's something to think about. Lets say you had a [...]

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Here's something to think about.

Lets say you had a machine gun and you were chasing down a known murderer This guy has killed innocent people. While in hot pursuit, he runs into a crowded festival of people.

Rationalizing that this guy must be stopped at all costs, you open fire with your machine gun on the crowd, understanding that you will likely kill many other people, but most likely you will get the murderer too.

Would those people in the crowd be considered ''collateral damage''?

Now imagine a family was in this crowd and their 6 year old child was killed. The father wants to seek revenge on the murderer (you) who shot into the crowd and killed his child.

This man knows you also indiscriminately killed other people in the crowd, and he's mad, so he gets a machine gun and chases you. While you are trying to escape this man with the machine gun you run into a crowded festival of people.

Rationalizing that you must be stopped at all costs, this man opens fire with his machine gun on the crowd, understanding that he will likely kill many other people, but most likely will kill you, the murderer, too.

Now imagine a family was in this crowd where you were killed, and THEIR 6 year old was shot and killed. The father wants to seek revenge......

You see where I'm going with this? This is war. This is 'collateral damage''. Does this seem black and white to you? What action could be taken to stop the domino effect of murder and suffering?
Monday 28 March 2016, 11:53:32
This is normal in nature. Indigenous tribes will murder over woman and there is always warfare. One tribe member will kill another and the brother of the murdered tribe member will kill the murderer and the cycle forever continues through generations. The collateral damage is not there because it is personal and there is no future deadly weapons involved to allow for that type of casualty. War is necessary to bring times of peace and times of peace will bring war when destabilized, it is the earths balance and nothing stays the same forever. There must be darkness if you wish to see with the light.
Monday 28 March 2016, 13:25:29
John B
Mark M: Your first comment "This is normal in nature" is very disconcerting. Nature is about cooperation, not competition, no matter how much negative programming such as this you've been told through your life (its ok, its not your fault, the programming goes so deep: its your duty to be able to see clearly for what it is and dissolve these notions upon encountering and certainly refrain from promulgating them further.) Humans are inherently good, heart centered beings who want love and warmth, this is CENTER, now how off center a person gets is proportionate to their destructive qualities such as violence, so violence is a symptom of moving so far away from the TRUTH of nature that they can no longer see the truth. I do agree with your notion that this is all just "Yin and Yang" and that the fact that all this war exists is a catalyzing factor for us to do heart centered work to heal this earth and its beings.
Monday 28 March 2016, 19:29:20
John B
Im coming to the realization that this entire world situation is boiling down to very simple terms: Those who are in the "war paradigm" (police, military, intelligence, government and their puppeteers: corporations and banks) are these people who are off center. Its our duty to heal these people and bring them back to what it means to be human. Bring them back to the center. Sacred neutral. show them love and compassion and the FACT that the inherent nature of the universe is Peace, Shanti.. that there really is no need for war, its not necessary. There is no need for any of their jobs to even exist, and that if everyone in these positions simply stepped back, and stepped out of that false light reality, and started growing their own food, started taking care of their families self-sufficiently, sharing with other people the love and joy that comes with this way of life, you'd see our Earth healed within a matter of a few years. I send energetics toward this trajectory for man-kind. ..... Everything is energy.
Monday 28 March 2016, 19:49:06
John B
Were all Here. Were waiting for you. It's OK. We Love You. Just Step In.
Monday 28 March 2016, 20:02:42
[deleted user]
Hi John B and Eve Mark and Bazzzilll its me T, I changed my name and pic temporarily. Thanks Eve and all for the powerful posts. Yes John B human nature is beautiful . What is evil about a Baby? Nothing, They are pure "one energy" this energy runs through their body without any blocks. Watch them move, hear their strong at times incredably loud voice for their size, again no blocks, they are one. Then language comes into the picture and things change
. In my opinion The programming many of us have is very deep like you said. :((
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 03:51:31
an eye for an eye is the primitive mentality that holds back peaceful human
evolution in a sense
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 08:40:03
the war is not wanted but necessary. Like you said its about cooperation not competition, Gaia theory, but it doesn't mean there will always be peace. I wish to kill no man, but our war is against no man it is against the ideas of man. I wish to kill their ideas with truth.
Saturday 2 April 2016, 09:53:42
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