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Democracy is not the final solution for the organisation of [...]

Shelby charter Township, Michigan
via The Full Circle Project
Democracy is not the final solution for the organisation of humanity. After two hundred years democracy has failed. Hunger, wars and poverty still exist and no end can be seen to this misery. Democracy does not need some minor improvements, the basic ideas behind democracy are wrong. Democracy gives not everyone the chance on a nice life, the same status and the same influence on decisions. Decisions are not taken by The People but by a small group of privileged people who think in the first place of their own well-being. The majority of humanity has hardly any say. That was already foreseen by the prominent member of the French elite, the count of Montesquieu, who proposed democracy as a new system that continued the rule of the 1%…
[deleted user]
I see problem in your speech, I do not know what do you need ore mean by using label 'Democracy' it is same like word 'Love' Means everything and nothing particular = you saying nothing . just giving direction to the crowd with labels known as right wrong good bad. I do not need revolution no one does.
Monday 28 March 2016, 10:10:28
Adrian C
Okay thanks for your feed back
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 14:09:50
[deleted user]
We would like to have autonomy power over own deeds, make own choices ore at-least have to say something then it considers our life. We need belonging feeling a part of all and be recognized respected for our contribution to all. and we need confidence competence do something that everyone need. I need that and I guess you do too because Humans have same needs to fulfill just not at the same time. What ever is life in us at the moment that is a reason to gather and cooperate for. and if some people feel same way as you do you will get supportive company that way comes power with you. and we make changes that benefits us nourish life. Politicians fulls us by pointing to labels instead of our needs. and they suggested deeds with nice flags and labels does not serves our life Our needs not even mentioned it just "right thing to do" and authority knows what it is and from us demanded sacrifice. I would ask people what do they need, rapport on Internet every house holes needs and based on that get technical people work on open source fully transparent projects strategies Motivation would be realization how it would enrich your own and everyones life.
Wednesday 30 March 2016, 11:05:12
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