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Hawaii on fire.. and a request for help from one [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Hawaii on fire.. and a request for help from one of our FCP founding members, resident in Hawaii :
As you may already know, our beloved Hawai'i big island is having another volcanic event. The situation here could be going from bad to worse over the coming days and weeks. We have a lot of friends living in the areas directly affected by the lava flows, and we are doing everything we can to help, but we want to be able to offer more. We have created a GoFundMe page and we hope we'll be able to offer more assistance with your support. If you're able to contribute, please do. You can also help us by sharing this campaign with others. The message from the GoFundMe page is posted below

We moved to the big island of Hawai'i in 2013 with a dream of living a self-reliant lifestyle more closely connected to nature and our food, and to help build a healthy vibrant community.
We were living in lower Puna during the 2014 Pahoa lava flow, and stayed while the lava was threatening to cut off the highway. The lava flows happening in lower Puna now have the potential to be far more dangerous and disruptive than the 2014 flows.

We have many friends, and know so many good people in Puna. Many affected have reached out to us for help. It has saddened us, because we have to turn people away, due to lack of resources and funds. We would like to be able to offer so much more, but we need help.

On April 30th swarms of earthquakes on the east side of Hawai'i island began opening up cracks in the roads of the Leilani subdivision in lower Puna. On May 3rd lava began erupting out of the fissures. At least 1,700 people are under a mandatory evacuation from their homes, and many more have begun voluntarily evacuating. Many people left their homes suddenly and had to leave valuable possessions, and sadly even pets behind.

Earthquake swarms have continued to spread across the entire lower Puna district and new cracks, steam vents, and lava fissures are opening up every day. There is the potential of all roadway access to the entire lower Puna district being cut off. There are at minimum between 2,000 to 3,000 people living in the lower Puna area, all of whom may need to evacuate in the near future, and on a moments notice.
Many of the people living in lower Puna live a simple down to earth life. Organic farmers, off-griders, holistic healers, alternative living "salt of the earth" kind of people. They will be potentially leaving behind their possessions, and ability to earn an income. Some of them are losing their homes and farms they've spent years developing.

There is only so much Hawaii county and state can offer displaced people, and we have yet to see what federal funding and FEMA will be able to provide. There has been controversy over donations being sent to "reputable" charities that are not making it people in need, and even large donations of much needed respirator masks being turned away by a large charitable foundation.Insurance companies are slow and reluctant to pay out policy holders and many people don't even have insurance at all. The bottom line is that what the government is able to offer, simply will not be enough - especially if the situation here continues to worsen.
Earthsong Sanctuary and The Earthsong Foundation, is our off-grid healing retreat and farm located on the southernmost point of Hawai'i island, safe and protected from the current lava flows affecting lower Puna. We host wellness retreats, sustainability immersions, and offer personal healing work and sanctuary to those in need. We have space to accommodate people in need, and that has become our current priority. We are closing our retreat for business, and are beginning to relocate people in Pele’s path, and help them get back on their feet.

We have begun taking in a few people who have evacuated at no cost, but there is much more we would like to be able to offer. We want to make assisting evacuees our number one priority right now, but we need your help!

Your contributions will go towards helping us house more people comfortably, and any other essentials they need. We are closing off retreats and rentals now, which is our main source of income that keeps our sanctuary up and running. We want to help get people to safety and on their feet again, with more comfortable accommodation. We need help offsetting utilities, and expenses for shelters and restorations to some of the structures.
If you have the extra funds and ability - please help.
Sending love and positive healing energy is also helpful!
Please help us spread the word.
Aloha Ke Aku
Monday 14 May 2018, 16:39:31
Monday 14 May 2018, 16:40:53
I will gladly donate .
Tuesday 15 May 2018, 03:33:44
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