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Music for change has been one of my aims since [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
via Music for Change
Music for change has been one of my aims since being awake.. my dj skills are pretty amature, but the messages in the music stand for themselves.. My recent project included a lotta video work too, where i'm just experimenting with different styles.. This one's for the environment, with angles y'all probly won't expect.. lemme know what y'all think and if u do like it, feel free to share it cuz i think it deserves more views... enjoy, Peace!
Joe F
Given the heavy-on-the-speed-vocals for most of the track, the message(s) became lost. The Max Igan speech at the end captured all of my attention. Good job!
Sunday 27 March 2016, 17:00:10
cheers, thanx.. yea, it get's pretty abstract and such
Sunday 27 March 2016, 17:52:00
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