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Bonjour my enlightened brothers and sisters! to be straightforward [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
via The Full Circle Project
Bonjour my enlightened brothers and sisters! to be straightforward I feel like most, if not everyone is on this site is here for similar reasons and that we’re aware of what's really going on within the bigger picture of the state of the world.. Shall it be naïve to assume this and bypass the typical spreading of info to better inform ourselves since i believe most of it will be choir-preaching, or at least reinforcement/reminders of reality?- which are perfectly fine, i’m just try’n to find ways to build with like-minded monkeys who are up on this knowledge..
i ask that also to see how folks are trying to spread this info with people who don't have a clue about it, who can all-to-easilly be quickly confronted by it.. What pit-falls have you encountered and what has really worked? I've taken a pretty light approach, which nobody seems to pay attention to anyway…

I did a test on facebook to understand the non-reaction between 700 friends i somehow accumulated over the years (i’m not bragging ;).. I posted 4 vids like Max Igan and exposing corruption in the past month and only got 2 likes total- no comments.. yesterday i post a photo of my wife snuggled with our cat, which got over 45 likes and some comments! who's interested in what!? i feel like my friends are becoming more distant with me because of the reality check they see coming from me, which is a real pity to say the least.. Or, are my important posts being unfavored by the server itself? or just too buried under these newsfeeds with all kinds of filters now? or people- with their instant gratification mentalities, just can bear to spend more than 2 mins watching a vid or something? probly a combination of a few- i can’t call it and i dunno if i even want to..
John B
no its definitely the filters on facebook.. tittybaby suckerberg is so sold out to the parasites man.
Saturday 26 March 2016, 20:01:18
[deleted user]
Bonjour, brother. I can't comment on the ploys used by Facebook, I don't use it, but I have tried other social networks, and with similar results. Here's what I see (all opinions are my own, all disclaimers apply). The state, the elite, the NWO, the reptilians, however you want to view the "Rulers of the World", are in an endgame right now to put controls into place that will give them the illusion of control over the planet. They're battling a rising tide of awakening "ruled" who, more and more, are getting wise to their little game. We don't need to do anything to wake the "masses", the "rulers" are doing all the hard work for us. Every piece of legislation they pass, almost everything they say, print, or televise wakes up a new wave of the "masses". Honestly, if you are one of those who doesn't notice what's going on in the world today, or at least notice that SOMETHING is going on, you are probably one of those who will be destroyed by it. We sure as hell don't need to sit here on this site and paste "educational" materials back and forth to each other, which really is fine, there's some good stuff here, but like you say, this is preaching to the choir. Some of us showing up here on FCP get it, and we want to build something to prevent the collapse of society, the ecosystem, the economy, whatever issue(s) we're concerned about. In my opinion, we need to be focusing on solutions to these problems. So, in my mind, a more interesting question is, what does a solution look like?
Saturday 26 March 2016, 20:48:34
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:17:26
[deleted user]
Everything is created by the CIA, don't ya know? That can safely be assumed by now. Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, the mass media, all information outlets are today propaganda outlets, and have been since the 1950's. So, now what?
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:23:38
[deleted user]
I mainly use energy to spread the truth. For me personally it is very real, very fast and needs no defending or explaining and is the most useful. Facebook is probably a good tool but no offense to you i just find it repulsive.
I focus with intent on being present in now time and make eye contact with as many people as possible an intend to come from my eyes out to theirs in hopes to ignite a neutral place by which we can meet then I intend to allow any energy to be and intend to awaken. In other words HEY Im here im present in NOW time are you in there? "Wake UP and come to the party" I also make a spectacle of myself every time I see a chemtrail. I begin by taking photos of the sky, out the car window anywhere I am if others are present. I make a big deal of it and draw attention. I use my pictures to show people what is being done to our skys etc.. Hey just thought you should know that we are most likely breathing heavy metals right now.. I am also making tee shirts, just for me for now. I think awakening happens when it happens for people. However I believe we can be catalysts. I know a few people Ive reached for were able to hear or see. But other than that I dont know? Pitfalls? I know some have most likely questioned my sanity but then I remind them they arent qualified to do so and I still love them.
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:27:37
irelands peace keeper
we need to reach a critical mass in awaking the population, me and you and most on this site are awake but tha doesn,t mean we stop posting educational videos, may i ask what ideas do you have
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:28:41
[deleted user]
I love your style "T". From one eye contact maker, to another, yes, I'm in here, and it's nice to SEE you. :)
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:30:27
John B
Right on "T". we are incredibly psychic beings once you start to explore the properties of consciousness this becomes very apparent.
Saturday 26 March 2016, 21:34:19
yo john B, i hear ya, thanx- hope they don’t filter out an invite to this site!

Mr. Shamanic- thanx a lot for your input.. I like your angle and you’re absolutely right on your concluding remarks.. The catalysts of waking people up are many, i would prefer the less devastating ones tho, but each cause has their own unique effect and it may be that the more negative it is, the more positive the outcome will be.. Would this mean that we're going to be the one's creating order out of the chaos created by the same ppl who are driven by this code? Haha- btw, ever read the hidden hand interview? also, curious as to why u mentioned disclaimers..

SOLUTIONS short list: abandon and re-establish the controlling/corrupt/misled systems of energy, food, waste, water, agriculture, gov’t, lobby's, military, education, media, news, medicine, prison and legal systems.. Legalize hemp/cannabis, support local businesses & farmers.. Send out petitions, letters, surveys asking for the arrest, resignation, or damages paid of any corporation, politician or lobbyist (shortlist) who committed and got away with ecocide, war crimes, tax fraud, etc.. People need to realise that we are paying these politicians and supporting big business to screw us over..
we all know this so we gotta see about the how-to’s in getting these kinds of things accomplished.. sorry to leave it wide open like that for now

Saturday 26 March 2016, 23:13:47
T- thank you for your wisdom.. i totally agree that the biggest change and influence is within ourselves.. i didn't put in my spiritual solutions side to the story, but i'm here very much in the present, just knackered for the moment- it's getting late in europe.. I do a lot of inner work as well so i'm rarely offended- my ego has been encountered by my higher self and it usually takes the backseat
, which is where people's egos need to be if we are to truly evolve as a species and usher in the era of peace and Gaïa's unheeded ascension
Saturday 26 March 2016, 23:57:44
yo peace keeper- thanx buddy.. I probly should've worded the beginning of my post better.. I love the fact ppl on FCP are pretty much on the same page and reinforcing each others' knowledge and such by sharing info that ppl might've missed, or they got that one obscure piece to the puzzle.. Still new to the project, obviously the previous one didn't take off long enough for a deep impression, so i'm tryn to get a feel for what people are up to on this site.. interesting video, thanx, I was quite aware already but it's got good details- kinda cut it short tho
cuz the thing that i can't stand sometimes is that intense mellow-dramatic violin that i've heard in dozens of conspiracy theory/fact videos.. what's up with that right? haha
Sunday 27 March 2016, 00:20:32
[deleted user]
Its nice to see you too my friend Shamanic:))) Thanks for the support again! John B I appreciate your confirmation again and support as well:). Awaken this is a great post and I thank you for it, and appreciate your real approach,
we have a very powerful group here! Big Hugs to all of you:))))
Sunday 27 March 2016, 02:13:19
cheers guys- likewise!
Sunday 27 March 2016, 07:44:29
On facebook I get very little recognition of anything I post that is remotely political, intellectual or spiritual. Memes get more attention and I'm in my 30's! In saying that I have spoken to people on the phone that have mentioned my facebook posts and how they didn't know about this or that issue. Someone even rang my mother to talk about a post I wrote in regards to the Port Arthur massacre here in Australia. So it goes to show the ''message'' does get across. It's all about planting the
Sunday 27 March 2016, 11:37:42
indeed, thanx Eve, i happy to hear ppl are getting curious from your efforts.. unfortunately i've yet to receive that kind of feedback- i got patience tho.. but yea, the narcissistic memes, thug life vids and such are really perverting social media networks.. i was considering creating my own spiritual and truth memes to post, but it seems like that method is just playing into the game a bit, so i'm hesitant
Sunday 27 March 2016, 12:59:52
I feel so corny posting or making truth memes but sometimes it's good to lighten things up a bit. People seem to respond. It's all about ''framing'' the idea.
Sunday 27 March 2016, 13:10:01
word- haha, yea i feel ya
Sunday 27 March 2016, 13:33:50
[deleted user]
Big (((hug))) back T, oh, you've changed your name! _I_ Non Conformist. I'm inspired by your wonderful, creative, asymmetric ideas for raising awareness about chemtrails.
Sunday 27 March 2016, 16:31:17
[deleted user]
I had not read the "hidden hand" interview AwakenYaMind, but ya piqued my curiosity, so had to go look. That's a feckin long thread, I assume you mean this? (…) I actually read through most of that, sounds like the kind of thing a lot of people could say, I could have said that, so I'm skeptical, but I'll reserve my opinions, again, disclaimers. Why disclaimers? Some people need them, such as, "my views are my own", "your mileage may vary", "objects in mirror are closer than they appear", that kind of thing. I don't need to spread my opinions all over, they really don't matter, but since you're asking about things I hold important in this thread, thought I'd play along. As for the state of the world, the question that comes to mind is, so what? What are we going to do differently in our lives? I'm not trying to be a smart ass, just trying to get people to think. What are you going to do about the things happening in the world? If all you're doing is jumping up and down, screaming, flinging shit, and getting the other monkeys around you to do the same, what have you accomplished? Now, you just have shit all over the walls, the place stinks, and everybody's upset. Sure, you've raised awareness, now what? Violent revolution? Please. Buy freeze dried food, gold, and guns and wait in some wilderness hideout for the FEMA camps to open for business? Really? March around in the street holding signs? Maybe you could write your congressman or parliamentarian and tell them you've had enough of this and they better start being nice or you'll vote for somebody else, by darn! Maybe we should all just put our heads down and go back to consuming and paying our taxes and pretend this all isn't happening? I would agree with you that we have the opportunity to make order out of their chaos. Opportunities abound everywhere, at all times, even in the worst of times, if you're awake, have prepared your mind, and can remain fluid. I don't think that history bears out the notion that by experiencing extreme negativity, that automatically implies a strongly positive outcome. The universe has two forces that shape it, constructive forces that build things up, and destructive forces that tear things apart. How you feel about that, depends on your perspective, literally where you're sitting, when the force is applied. But one doesn't guarantee the other. I like your ideas, your solutions are starting to read like our Mission Statement and Manifesto! Personally, I don't think that's wide open at all, your suggestions are pretty specific, and mostly right on track in my opinion. So, what's stopping us? Are we going to wait for some theoretician in a think tank somewhere to sanction these ideas, pass them down the chain of command, get bills introduced, laws passed, put more police on the street, more guns in our face, to enforce our Utopia? Where are we going to find all the people to contribute the labor, time, energy, and money for that? Oh wait, we are the people that contribute our labor, time, energy, and money for all of these things, we even absorb all the costs of the corruption, the wars, and the abuse. No, we don't need think tanks, petitions, bills, laws, or police to live right and be happy. We just need to decide to do it. By making ourselves examples that others will want to follow, you can lead people who are completely asleep to a place they may not even know they wanted to be. Much like _I_ Non Conformist's technique of getting people to look up at chemtrails.
Sunday 27 March 2016, 17:49:42
[deleted user]
Just thinkin:) Of course any attempt to raise awareness is just that and I consider it to be a very positive thing:
Its difficult to put in words but here it goes..... there is magic in points in now time. For example when we are present in Now time we can meet with others in that point and with the magic of that moment in Now we can create an opportunity to raise awareness especially if there happens to be spraying going on at that exact point in Now time. Maybe this would sound like BING,BING,BING? Maybe if we could see it there would be bright flashes of light from one person to another. Like a pin ball machine
Sunday 27 March 2016, 17:49:58
[deleted user]
Also Thanks Shamanic:) and all!!!
the above kinda what i already said but a little more definite.
Sunday 27 March 2016, 17:53:42
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