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Hello everyone, I'm also from Melbourne. I found this website [...]

Melbourne, Victoria
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello everyone,

I'm also from Melbourne. I found this website after spending all day yesterday watching Michael's Hidden Origins series.

So much in the world has never made sense to me, especially after travelling to Machu Picchu and other ruins of ancient civilisations from Central and South America, watching documentaries on the pyramids, etc. To me Michael's explanations make more sense than what our history books tell us.

I would love to start/ join a Ubuntu community in Victoria but I wonder how do you get started? There are many issues that you would first need to overcome- currently we would be imposed with things such as having to buy land and materials to build shelters and then forced to pay rates for the land and without someone knowing how to generate electricity for free, how would we do this?

How do we get around the system that is set up to keep us enslaved that will imprison you if you do not comply? Does this mean that the initial (or pioneer) communities would have to pool large amounts of money to get the community established or is there another solution that I can't see? Thoughts anyone? I'd really like to know the answers to these questions/ a deeper understanding of the practicals as opposed to the theory...

Thanks for reading!
Saturday 26 March 2016, 13:23:44
maybe a good way to start might be read the Contributionism book and take a look at what michael is doing in waterfall-boven might give you some clue's aswell and perhaps a visit to the ubuntu-main-page on and find the 20 point + plan to get started…
Saturday 26 March 2016, 18:53:40
but first off all, Welcome <3
Saturday 26 March 2016, 18:54:22
Hi Qba, thanks. I am about 1/3 of the way through the book and will look up waterval-boven also
Saturday 16 April 2016, 06:01:09
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