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It is obvious that Spring is on the way since [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
via The Full Circle Project
It is obvious that Spring is on the way since the weather is finally getting nice, and just as expected as this returning season, the wonderful enchanted life enhancing pellets known as chemical fertilizer have once again mysteriously appeared all over the lawn. It is truly a great way to begin the spring. Rather than going outside like most of the other duped individuals who believe this is where the true experience lies with enjoying this dynamically welcomed season, we have the great fortune to be inspired to partake in our Spring fulfillment from the safe and controlled comforts of the indoors all while getting the pleasurable experience from the window, as we are told to avoid walking on the lawn. Though unfortunately the indoor experience will have to be a temporary one, as we will eventually be forced to go outside since we are also told that after it rains, like hocus-pocus, " POOF!!!! " these toxic chemical pellets super-naturally disappear, and we will be able to safely walk on the lawn once again. Maybe I can use this extraordinary wizardry to remove all things that are a detriment. Just think a little rain can wash away all of our problems, it can't get any easier than that, can it?

I have witnessed far to many loved ones succumbing to and having their beautiful lives cut short from the cumulative poisoning of these very toxic and dangerous chemicals. The irony is that society is the willing perpetrator of this crime against all living creatures. I have seen father's poisoning their sons, and the sons suffering and dying. Husbands poisoning their wives, and the wives suffering and dying. Neighbors poisoning other neighbors, and the other neighbors suffering and dying. Pets being poisoned and the pets suffering and dying. And of course Mother Nature herself under attack. Yet nothing changes. The killers keep on killing. No matter how much you present the facts to them, the superficial insanity of having a green lawn is more important, even after it contributed to their loved one's death. I have been trying for many years to change this bizarre mindset just with family and neighbors. It is frustrating because here we are again a new season, and I have to put my energy into protecting the beings that I love by making sure they avoid the contamination of these poisons that should not be even be in the environment. For many years, I have presented the facts and dangers of this in every way I could think of, and nothing has changed. Their programming is far to deep. How many more beings that I love will I have to watch prematurely die? Here is something that the masses have complete control over, and can very easily change, but yet they choose to be diabolical. It is frustrating because the poisons are literally on my doorstep. It is hard to find the hope.
[deleted user]
Zeemer I empathize with you as I have felt hopelessness as well at times. But we have to keep going and we are making progress. Everything you have done and do
to spread the truth has had some effect.
Friday 25 March 2016, 20:56:15
damn, interesting story Z.. I feel similar dilemmas with trying to deprogram the one's closest to me, like with smart metors.. if you're in the states, i feel this idea of the american dream to the older generations really got them obsessed with that white picket fence in front of a nice green lawn with
apple pie up the ass, etc. good luck tho, try some new friendly approaches maybe..
Friday 25 March 2016, 22:43:08
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