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ANOTHER FALSE FLAG. 3/22 was the date 322 is the freemason [...]

Clogherboy Park, County Meath
via The Full Circle Project
3/22 was the date 322 is the freemason skull and bones number,
The Brussels Attack – Another False Flag? copy and paste this into google.
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make your own mind up
haha, fake baby.. yea, i honestly can't call it, but I'm sure it's a false flag.. I was wondering if there was any numerology behind it like the past dates and false flags
.. Thanx for clearing that up
Friday 25 March 2016, 08:41:28
irelands peace keeper
its time to make your own decision, i can only say how i feel about it.
Friday 25 March 2016, 08:45:57
irelands peace keeper
your new here i see.
Friday 25 March 2016, 08:46:06
indeed, how's it going? my decision has been made the day it happened, unless you're referring to the baby- whether its fake or not isn't gonna be the proof for me to show people that this is a false flag event.. I'm out here in France and pretty well informed about what's really going on.. The politicians are capitalizing on the situation as usual, which is so obvious, but too many people here (anywhere for that matter) are buying into it
Friday 25 March 2016, 09:39:14
irelands peace keeper
its just a piece of the jigsaw my friend, when we put it all together we see the picture.
Friday 25 March 2016, 10:44:00
irelands peace keeper
good to see you here.
Friday 25 March 2016, 10:44:15
irelands peace keeper
ask yourself why is the camera on the ground taking this shot, and of course an american from NATO is being interviewed, after two bombs went off he finds it interesting, the bady is very stiff or a very strong neck to hold it so straight when being moved about. this is a doll the man has in his arms as he turns away from the camera.
Friday 25 March 2016, 10:52:58
So their witness is someone from NATO (North American Terrorist Organisation).
They aren't even trying anymore...
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:01:05
word.. So obviously we are all trying to show these pieces of the puzzle to people.. My dilemma is that nobody from my 700 facebook contacts give ANY interest to these types of things.. There are people like us that want to share our knowledge
and widen the scope of the bigger picture, those who see it and don't believe it, then we have our ignorance is bliss people who want to believe only what their tv's say- how to we get to these people? they are in the most need of this info
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:16:53
irelands peace keeper
hear no evil see no evil. they even made a movie about it. the truth has beeen unhidden now people are hiding from the truth.
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:20:00
indeed- now my friends seem to be hiding from me too.. by the way are these your vids you made? i saw the other one on the Coéo site- that's a case cracker!
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:24:19
irelands peace keeper
what other one on the coeo site
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:27:10
the recycled video used in the media
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:30:15
My Facebook friends rarely take any notice. Except the ones I meet online like this. I think they don't want to acknowledge publicly either because if we speak on the phone they will start talking about what I posted and ask me more stuff. Particularly about the Port Arthur Massacre stuff I've been posting. A lot of Australians have no clue of the FACTS of what happened, let alone the theories people have as to what happened. I just try to remain consistent. Something will trigger a bit of digging by someone, one day.
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:42:41
[deleted user]
I can't actually watch the news anymore.. It all seems like propergander and spin to me these days..with false flags all over the place... These "Crisis Actors" are up there with the Politicians as a complete SELL OUTS to the human race, because they must know what they are involved in..??. Would be interesting to find out where they get them from??..
Is there a bad actors devision operating within a branch of the CIA 😉 ??
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:48:12
yea Eve, I hear ya.. sad thing is there usually tends to be a few who dig, but the compromise seems to be losing popularity with the others cuz they think we try to fear monger them or something.. @ Carl C- haha, could be!
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:52:05
irelands peace keeper
they have to use the same actors time and time again
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:52:30
irelands peace keeper
to awakenyamind do you see the doll and not a real bady now,
Friday 25 March 2016, 11:54:53
irelands peace keeper
yes Carl they are, i see you were inactive for awhile, good to see you back.
Friday 25 March 2016, 12:09:47
[deleted user]
Thought as much,, the CIA are up to their necks in almost everything.. We need more of these busted vids to oust out as many of these frauds as possible👍
Friday 25 March 2016, 12:10:43
Friday 25 March 2016, 12:12:08
haha, yea man.. I saw it real quick when i still had the morning grog earlier.. vision's clearer now.. that's not even how someone holds a real baby either right? i don't have kids haha, just the words "fake baby" somehow makes
me laugh tho
Friday 25 March 2016, 12:13:27
[deleted user]
Thank you for sharing and again you need a lots of lie to provoke violence and violence that keeps us enslaved. The fact then no one gives a dam and do not participate in violence makes me little bit smile. truth contribute to peace as always
Friday 25 March 2016, 17:11:51
Friday 25 March 2016, 17:22:40
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