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Hello everyone....Glad to be here. Does anyone know what it's [...]

Oviedo, Principado de Asturias
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello everyone....Glad to be here. Does anyone know what it's like to live in Africa? I'm currently living in the United States.
Deleted User
Jonaih I live in Africa, its a very big continent. I have not been to the USA.
Thursday 24 March 2016, 12:59:04
Hi SoulJah, Thanks for the comment. Whats is it like for you there in Africa?
Friday 25 March 2016, 20:08:05
Deleted User
I live in the Republic of South Africa its very pretty in my part of the world
Saturday 26 March 2016, 10:04:00
I have always wanted to live or visit Africa, but I don't know anyone there, and I don't know anything about the economy. Is it hard to make a living there? I know it depends in the person, but I like to learn more about, mmm m m..... I guess, the differencs.
Sunday 27 March 2016, 23:31:58
Deleted User
Its harder because people get less help from the government and are more likely to live in poverty than more developed countries.
Monday 28 March 2016, 15:33:55
If you have your own land, water and a house to live in; wouldn't that make it easier if you grow your own food. And creat your own energy to run your aplliances?
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 01:39:06
Deleted User
Much easier. The current system blocks any progress.
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 14:59:52
Mmmmmm......Blocking??? that makes me wonder, whats the mind set of the people. You can't block progress/creativity. I know, one might say; "I can say that", I live in a place where the resources are all around me. But then on the other hand if you block my ability to think for myself, then I am blocked, and I would live in poverty as well, no matter where I live.
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 19:33:04
Deleted User
You will have to come and check it out for yourself. Visit Adams Calendar. RSA :)
Tuesday 29 March 2016, 19:51:56
Yes!....Thank You. I do plan to some day.
Thursday 31 March 2016, 08:32:57
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