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SPILT BLOOD Where do vivisectors Go when they die? Down in the ground? Or [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Where do vivisectors
Go when they die?
Down in the ground?
Or up in the sky?

And what of the torturer
Of animal and man?
Can I really stop it?
And what if I can?

Why can’t we see it
And to ourselves lie?
And why are we blocked
Do we question why?

Mass killing and eating!
We know it is wrong
Give in to our taste buds
Desire of the tongue

This microscopic cell
We know very well
Is killing all life
Creating mass strife

Controlled by desire
We put out our fire
It’s making man ill
Through his
Lack of will

Give up free will
And freedom we gain
The Masters assert it
Making it plain

The answers are simple
And we can all change
Make a decision
And life rearrange

Purify our life
Body, heart,
Mind and Soul,
Strive to unblock it
Is our aim and role

In guilt,
We defend
To the end

Relieving our conscience
Through choice of meal
Allowing our hearts
Once more
To feel …

… “First do no harm”
Our Soul feels warm

Compassion is simple
Cruelty, is not
Follow the Teachings
And root out the rot

Karma’s created
In thought, word and deed
Including in slaughter,
On blood that we feed

Must all
Lifestreams die
Because of
Man’s lie?!

Living on Prana
They look into time
See Earth is suffering
Part of
The Divine

They don’t want to come here
To kill and be killed
Because of mankind
And monsters they build

Of course
They don’t want
To kill
Any life
Forced upon them, by man
In his self-imposed strife

Slaughterhouse, lab
And factory farm
All man does
Is kill and harm…

…Causing fear
And mankind’s hate
Can we feel?
Can we relate?

Black magicians feed
On hate and fear.
All life we,
Should hold dear

Humans, animals
And Mother Earth
Do we really
Know their worth?

All suffer
And die
Through thé
Selfish “I”

Ego feels superior,
Dividing all life
Ego feels inferior
Global effects
Are rife

The New Age of Love
As destined from above
Has no room for slaughter
Or spilling of blood

The world, is a blood bath
Our hands are not clean
If we go veggie
Then we are green

All life is sacred,
Has Spirit,
Feels pain
They’re not released
While evil does reign

Their life in our hands
We owe them so much
Their hearts do feel
Our Souls
They touch

Animals give Love
That we demand
They die
Upon our command

When man has power
He misuses it
Taking himself
Into the pit

Every second,
We choose,
Do wrong,
Or right,
Or save?
An animal’s plight?

There’s far-reaching effects
In killing a Soul
For we
Have a choice,
Changing Karma’s
Our goal!
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