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Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Eckhart tolle
Said live in the now
Letting go of ego
That is how

Becoming humble
Not meek or weak
When it is love
And truth you seek

Releasing fear
Becoming brave
Your own and others
Life you’ll save
You’re totally free
And not a slave

We have self-pity
We moan and groan
Use others as scapegoats
But our Karma’s our own

Poor old me
Forget the self
Concentrate on serving
Everyone else

Greed’s a disease
Anyone can catch
Is a trap

Stealing what’s not yours
Is against Gods Laws

Jealousy’s in you
Jealousy’s in me
If only we had
The eyes to see

We’ve every potential
For good and bad
To be a saint
Or totally mad

Develop your talents
Your inner potential
Be someone
Who’s consequential

As jealousy fades
Your light shines brighter
Become a warrior
A Spiritual fighter

We’re here to learn
Be our true self
Not be better
Than everyone else

The Self is Spirit
The great I Am
Its 2012
Be the best you can

Ego, self-pity
Fear and greed
The world has seen
Enough of these

All lifestreams
Have suffered our failings
But our own Karma
We are de-railing

Can kill the Spirit
Find out why
Your hearts not in it

Just get active
Be dynamite
You’re pure inspiration
Get up and fight
With all your might
Find your inner light

Is soul death
Don’t put it off
There’s no time left

I Am Spirit
I am alive
I won’t just live
I will thrive

Its time for change
This 11th hour
On the inner
It’s in our power

Become the person
You want the world to be
This Planet’s future
Depends on me

Mankind’s guilt
Blocks heart and mind
We deny our faults
To which we’re blind
Be kind to one another
Be very very kind

The Karma of silence
And inaction
Brings about
A terrible reaction

Will make you suffer
You’ll spend a life
In the shoes of another

But time’s too short
To learn these lessons
We’ve had our chance
Got lost in the dance

Let go of possessions
Speak to God your deepest confessions

Let go
And change
Today’s the day
Just do it now
Without delay

Make your heart
As light as a feather
Release yourself
Undo the tether

The demon set a trap
He knows you well
Of how to lead you
Into hell

He plays on your weakness
You fall for his tricks
Create your own Karma
Brick by hard brick

It’s your choice alone
So please do not moan

He offers you money
With sweetness of honey

He offers you status
Though totally false
You don’t have to join
In his insane waltz

The systems corrupt
Live outside of it
Don’t stay and drown
In this manmade pit

We’ve always a choice
Let go
Find your voice

Be brave
Be humble
And wise
Don’t tell yourself
Any more lies

Just let go!

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change”

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