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Paid pharma trolls and other paid trolls plague every forum, [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester
Paid pharma trolls and other paid trolls plague every forum, stealing your time and ideas. Ignore them!


You lie to yourself
We really don’t care
We speak truth
You play unfair

You’re fooling yourself
And no one else
You make big money
And think it’s funny

Your ego’s gone
Out of control
To the point
Of losing your Soul

Gathering information
Fooling the nation

Wasting our time!
That’s the bottom line!

You infiltrate
To cause confusion
But you’re creating
Your own illusion

Karma will shatter
All your lies
Boy! You are!
In for a surprise!

Death and destruction
Profit and gain
Is what you enjoy!
Let’s make it plain!

But see it from
A different view
We are old
You are new

When you die
As we all will
You’ll regret taking
The blue pill

We took the red pill
And are awake
You took the blue
Cos you are fake

Heart and Soul
Knows the truth
You never offer
Any proof

We’re here to learn
To love and unite
All you do
Is steal and fight

You screwed yourself
Put out your light
But there’s a time limit
To your delight

When it hits you
Like a rock
You will have
The biggest shock!

The tables
Will turn
Too late
You will learn

Learn to love
Learn to feel
Then your pain
Will be real!!!

Blinded by science
Ego and money
You’re heading where
It isn’t sunny

The darkest place
In this land
Placed there by
Your own hand

You carved your future
Dark and sad
We know that you’re
Already mad

Karma is real
A blow
It will deal

You’ll be sent reeling!
Till you develop feeling!
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