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ALL LIFE IS SACRED If I was an animal, A tree, or [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester


If I was an animal,
A tree, or a child
I could be free
I could run wild

The Body is different
The Soul is the same
We all feel joy
And sadness and pain

The animal and baby
Have spiritual eyes
Reflecting God’s beauty
Just like a blue sky

But humans do capture
Distort and corrupt
The beauty of nature
A babe, or a pup

Torturing, murdering
Selling for greed
Devouring as
They greedily feed
On blood
On flesh
On sinew, and brain
On this Fair Planet
Evil does reign

A race of cannibals
Living on meat
All our resources
We therefore deplete

Destroying the ozone
Layer too
While suffering is caused
In farm,
And zoo

Hunting for fun
Nature is on the run
From one backward race
We are a disgrace

Now we
Do not
Have much time
When Karma hits
We should not whine

Mankind can go
Up into space
But his religion
Cannot keep pace!

War on humans
Animals and Earth
Does Sacred Life
Have no worth?!

The Master decreed
“Avoid all flesh”
He puts us
To the test!
To purify
The body and Soul
As Service is
Our only goal

“Meat is murder”
Morrissey said
Too many people
And animals
Are dead!

Should come first!
As we curb
Our bloody thirst!

Mother Earth
WILL soon tilt
She has suffered
To the hilt!

The evil
Must STOP!
Man has
Lost the plot

Veggies campaign
To stop all killing
But where’s the help?
How many are willing?

To save a baby
To save a child
And all God’s animals
Tame or wild

Karmic Lessons
Are on their way!
Too late to change?
Let’s try

Banks will close!
Crime will rise!
The monetary system
Has its demise!

Land will move
Tides will rise
All our actions
Have reaped this ‘prize’!

…Disease is rife
With much
Loss of life

It’s hard to face
This in our mind
But when have humanoids
Ever been kind?!

…Become a human
Develop heart and mind

Communities form
And grow their food
Will man change
His heart
And mood?

When all life unites
We will be free
When thinking of ‘you’
Instead of ‘me’

Interplanetary rescues
May take place
But only of
A Spiritual race
The tiny few
Of me?
Of you?

All must
Fight for peace
And animal
To release

Can we find it
In our Soul
To fully live
Our Spiritual role?!

Turning the Earth
Into a blood bath;
Humans think murder
Is one big laugh!

Hair and pus
Go into your meal
From sentient beings
Who do think
And feel!

The stomach’s
A graveyard
For 11,000 Souls
Who want to live free
And naturally
Grow old

Cancerous cells
Are in the meat
As You Sow
So Shall You Reap!

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