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People want to save the sphere, damaged on 9/11, to [...]

Rochdale, Greater Manchester
People want to save the sphere, damaged on 9/11, to commemorate 9/11 “victims”, while ignoring the truth

9/11 TRUTH

Save the sphere
Live in fear
Of the truth
We have the proof

Was a sham
None of you
Could give a damn

All wars are wilful
All engineered
But the Truth
Is ever feared

You are so selfish
You are so weak
Millions dead
A nation of freaks

You’re in the red
By $trillions too
That’s your Karma
It’s up to you

Half million children
In Afghanistan alone
Murdered for oil
Yet still you moan

Your greed over need
Where’s it all lead
What will you reap
When sowing this seed?

Enough is enough!
When will you stop?
Invading countries
Each one you chop

You’ll have your rebirth
Into a war zone
Will you repent
As you die and groan?

Will you remember
That life is all one?
Or allow yourself
To believe the con?

Forget your ego
Eat humble pie
Live the Truth
Expose the lie

Time’s running out
Choices too
Time for decision
It’s all up to YOU!

All wars are engineered

"If we don’t do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable"
Petra Kelly. Founder of the German Green Party

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