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Our next meet-up is on *Friday April 1st from 7pm [...]

Toronto, Ontario
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Our next meet-up is on *Friday April 1st from 7pm to 10pm* (please note the earlier time change due to street parking attendants ticketing at such time for those driving down) is in Downtown Toronto in the St. Lawrence Market area at Woodsworth Housing Co-operative *133 Wilton Street* - Penthouse Party Room 9th floor Buzzer to allow access.

Google Maps Directions for vehicle/public transportation:…

Please bring in your own refreshments.

Street Parking until 10pm probably best to leave earlier than the 10pm end-time if parking vehicle on the street.

I received some very positive feedback that a private venue really helps to solidify and generate ideas and unify the group. So it is our hope that we can continue in this manner hopefully at no cost as is the case this time, so kindly arranged by Anne Maree ... thank you

There is no whiteboard however which some of us found quite useful like Diogo who reminded us by writing out some points that although we expect many positive changes ahead true changes only come from within. Dave also started out the meeting with writing out the sequence of 'the event" on the board. This leads me to think that this might be an important tool to have in our meet-ups so we are looking to see if anyone has access to one. Please let me know if anyone has access to one or should we go out and buy one?

Here are some topics that we feel are important to talk about:

what is the joint purpose(s) for our group (other than finding connection)? Is it activism, providing information to communities before and after 'the event', group therapy, meditation, etc.
what skills and talents do we have for this purpose(s)?
location of next venue
potential group purchase of tools like whiteboard, copies of notices to be handed out to our communities, snackaroos/refreshments/pizza night

Please bring forward any other items that you think are of importance to our group meetings agenda.

I hope to see you there


Brian M
You know we'll be there if I can get out of the slammer by then. Xander and I have big plans to share.
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 16:47:40
Great Brian we would love to have you come out <3
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 21:32:10
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