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We must not spend our valuable time discussing the negative. [...]

Manitowoc, Wisconsin
via Prepare For Change
We must not spend our valuable time discussing the negative. The time is now when all of us need to focus exclusively on the positive change we all desire...LIFE in perfect harmony in an abundance that excels our wildest imaginations. When enough of us live and act according to this, it will happen instantly.
[deleted user]
I don't think things of a transformational nature happen instantly, on planet Earth, as long as we're dwelling in the 3rd and lower levels of the 4th dimension. I agree with that our focus on positive change will bring us the reality we desire. Those that are focussing on negative change are doing this as well, mind you. Don't expect a reality clothed in roses and moonshine, as an instant dream coming true yet. There's much in need of surfacing and part of it is suppressed pain, in planet Earth's population. I see my role as a wayshower, just like the ones next to the road. All kinds of traffic passes by, in all kinds of states and vibration, now and than in a carcrash or traffic jam. I suppose all I need to be is be ready to witness that, while unwavering in compassion. I'm learning every day.
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 07:07:48
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 18:56:13
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