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Leadership, money and ideology to believe in. As long those [...]

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Leadership, money and ideology to believe in. As long those three unchanged no revolution will help as get freedom that we need.
It is not a person, but ideas supporting life should lead us in order to develop. I understand leadership some where specific. One can lead people trough the river with the dangerous muddy waters. Everyone are leader in area of ones uniqueness. You brake a leg doctor is your leader. Get a car, mechanic is your authority. Every leader has to lead somewhere that we need.
Santa, Pope and President they differ by wearing different costumes and they lead no where just entertain, capture our attention from what serves life. Something like a kitty hunting red dot on the wall from laser pointer in our hands instead of hunting mouse.
Money are imaginary and paper with symbols is real. So value of money are imaginary real. So why not use as a currency time?… It is fair, because we all get 24 h per day. And real motivation is real fulfillment of ones needs physical ore social ones. We have quite well developed awareness about our physical needs eat, poop, sleep and have each other. Other ways we would die and we need to develop our awareness about humans social needs: connection, honesty, meaning, peace, play, autonomy... its over 150 words. It is a big place in 'have each other' area.
Ideology to believe in, it is a brain fart everyone has one that is personal freedom. So ideas need to be anchor to specific fulfillment of human needs. Now we have clowns capturing our attention they lead no where. And ideas supported by other imagination of right and wrong and only authority knows what it is, its like artificial mouse for a kitty to catch. Empathy slogans in the air moving crowd to the war that is madness. Before at least people knew what they need from other tribe livestock, tools and chicks.

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