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Its a shame...So much Hatred towards each other in our [...]

Memphis, Tennessee
via Prepare For Change
Its a shame...So much Hatred towards each other in our civilization..I get sad when i wake up to see people coming at each others throat...Some don't won't to know the truth even if you told them...The belief system is what splits us from knowing what is really out there waiting to be discovered..Many of us lightworkers tend to try even if the odds are stacked against us cause we know that the light will always prevails over the darkness no matter what..sometimes one can wonder..can certain individuals on the earth that are light workers go ahead on with the transition...cause many on the Earth do have a choice to either stay 3d or become 4d on up...I've made my decision..since i was was something i always look forward to...I'm Ready....Are You???
[deleted user]
YES!! I made that decision before I came here....Love and Light is the Answer Allways
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 09:19:39
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