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Thanks for the comments Eamon O and Augustine Tan concerning [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Thanks for the comments Eamon O and Augustine Tan concerning my post about the financial system. Not wishing to sound like I am on a tape loop I still absolutely believe that if we do not scrap the financial system en-masse we will fail to address the real problems that we now face. The way that the system now works whether it is the current system or a digitally encrypted one such as bit-coin I feel that we are completely controllable. On a deeper level the entire digitization program relies on our giving away our freedom to faceless technocrats that are the true rulers of the digital infra-structure. Think about it this way - if we all had our wealth represented as digits on networked system like the inter-net then is it not giving others, as in an elite, the chance to control that wealth? Look at how the Super-State is on a step by step journey to censor all that we do on the net! This means that soon the ruling elite will close sites that they deem 'terrorist' in nature including the sites run by Max Igan, Icke etc. etc. This should show any that the inter-net is not some secure safe haven, it is a controllable environment. We rely on the elite controlled power companies for our electric and the communications companies for our access to the outside world. If in a future scenario we had all of our wealth digitized we could only access it through the net therefore losing our independence and security. This is why I am so adamant that we need to bite the bullet and aim for a new system that has physical properties as well as digital ones, plus a new value structure that does away with all forms of hierarchy. I am throwing this out as a beginning move to get a few people interested in trying to conceptualize and then eventually activate a new global system that would have nothing to do with the past structure and would inevitably take the human race on a new journey that we would all benefit from. As many people as possible should get involved and let us begin to thrash out the rather large list of problems that we will face if we are to restructure our society. Problems only exist so that we can work out the solutions!!!
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