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I would like to be able to find material I [...]

Tucson, Arizona
via Ubuntu Planet
I would like to be able to find material I can print & share and hand out in my community. And not get in trouble for braking any copyright laws and make it worse. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks
aye i feel you. was in Brussels yesterday i realy missed having some sort of pamflet to hand out in the masses. but.. again, challenge accepted gonna start working on a pamflet wich will fit A4 paper. so once printed you just need to fold em in 3 or something and are ready to hand out. This is super idea, onnit :D
Monday 21 March 2016, 17:23:23
Let me check my email, I am sure Michael Tellinger states we can print & distribute his information.
Monday 21 March 2016, 17:56:02
Ron G
Thank you, I just started so I Don't know the software, and only received a few emails. Thanks
Monday 21 March 2016, 17:58:37
Deleted User
I also had that thought too,
but the book is copyrighted. If you find out can you let me know too.
Monday 21 March 2016, 18:15:07
Ron G
Im sure the Book is had a copyright. I was looking for a 1 page info document I could print out myself just to share the concept & where to get more Info to hand out to people in my community.
Monday 21 March 2016, 18:18:36
on it half way there ;-)
Monday 21 March 2016, 18:20:38
girlfriend in the process of spelling check ;)
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:21:48
Ron, on some of the emails I receive it says: Please share this information with your friends who will appreciate it and will want to know more. Click here ..Michael Tellinger. It does not say it on all e-mails. I would think it is for that particular email/information. That is a good question to ask one of our country's go to person. Their names can be found on the the Ubuntu party news announcement of that particular country. Hope this helps.
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:29:36
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:55:12
the cover and backside ( frontpage )
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:55:28
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:55:44
the inside. when folded into 3 ;-)
Monday 21 March 2016, 19:56:02
if anyone wants the original word document, private message me your email, i'll send it to you :)
Monday 21 March 2016, 20:20:52
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