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How much we need to get forefingers to each other [...]

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How much we need to get forefingers to each other in order to realize that it is pointless to live?
Well if you feel lonely and disable to connect with other human hearts, then you will suffer until die . Suicide would definitely reduce suffer, so why suffer if it is pointless, hopples, nothingness in the future?
If you not afraid to die, then you became totally indifferent in peoples financial affairs, social competition … who gives a dam about that shit, when one does not bother to live any more?
Well the truth is I can sincerely and honestly tell my present intentions. 5 min foreword no one knows what will happen. It just a game we play trying to get together and make it. Everyone have its own sincere personal, bets, hope, strategy... and we all have universal needs. As long we make plans for the future we are fine as long as we do something too ore we spinning our wheels in the same place. I sow old comics video and suddenly I get a light bulb in my head there was always group of people like us.
We are restless not tamed soles. You can feed wolf luxury food, but it will always look to forest longing for freedom. We all need same and each other. Illusion that you can have, cause you illusion that you can loose and that generates fear and greed. Perfect quality for obedient workers. Just set them up in to stressful competition and they will look up to you for punitive justice, mercy protection... the point is respect for authority.
I am rising power too, just not over people, but with people. We all do this together with amount of contribution that we can give for our selfs.
I am so tiered to be super heavy light worker and express my own fear by pointing on negativity.
Well if there is negativity then have to be positivity too, because that is a trick of duality 'good and bad' can not exist with out each other like 'believe' and 'lie' they are always together for ever, for those who still dreaming and subscribing that imagination to their minds. Reality is as we can observe right now and we have as we do. Regardless your personal situation in life, that change that you need to make is make your own conscientious choices . You can sense and feel with your heart what nourishes life. Your dreamy mind have bin subscribing a lots of imagination, that has nothing to do with observe able reality.
We do not need guns revolution, just slowly prioritize humans, friendships, neighbors, community… over bank investments. If you live self sustainable with your neighbors, avoiding use of money, then will be no crisis for you at all. So watch out where you invest and desperately seek, looking for more humans for to cooperate on meeting your daily needs.
Share as much as possible living with people, instead of competing against everyone. Well obviously communication is a key component. I need practice NVC with some one few people would be enough for my personal satisfaction.
What do you need to know in order to start practice language of life?…
very nice thougths my friend. especialy the begining.........with fearless of dying
Monday 21 March 2016, 16:55:38
[deleted user]
Death is illusion, because life will continue regardless if you step on the snail ore step over. The only thing that dyeing for real it is peoples ego. Ego is self conception produced by ones imagination , Illusion that 'me' ends with the borders of my skin, totally forgetting that we are symptom of life of the planet of the sun stars and whole cosmos Like a apple is symptom of the apple-tree. we need a rock to stay on do we? Who feed whom is that belly feeds brain ore brain feeds belly? Well when one compete long enough then one see others as a potential competitors and look what they are up to. but when you cooperate then you see others as a source for survival, life and happiness and when you look at other human like your life depends on just because it does then you look with care how they are? when everybody look up to you and with wonder how are you and if you make it, In that moment having all those wonderful peoples love and attention acting for the beat of all hearts you became fearless. Fear is a brain fart, jumping in to ice cold water would distract your mind for a fraction of the second from thinking, it will make your attention present fully, and you will discover life with out that brain fart, is actually wonderful. Never act based on fear, take your time give yourself empathy you need, acknowledging what is life in you what situation are and act instead of react. We all are well trained all day long stimulus and respond on TV perceive violence as enjoyable, because of suggested imagination about right and wrong. When we are stressed out we can not see what actually serves life.
Monday 21 March 2016, 17:35:15
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