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The best book that I have read in recent years [...]

Saint Charles, Missouri
via The Full Circle Project
The best book that I have read in recent years was just a few weeks ago. It is entitled "You Know Something Is Wrong When... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause". The book is written by Anna Marie Riezinger, who is a common law judge in the state of Alaska. Check out the reviews of this book anywhere on the web, including Amazon. For less than $20 it is the most informative book about the history of our world, with respect to the lies and slavery imposed upon all of us by the bankers. She describes in great detail how the United States went bankrupt after the debt incurred from World War One and owed unfathomable debt to the world banks in Europe. How did the United States devise a plan to repay the interest on the loans? By registering each new born child in the country with a birth certificate. They basically used all of us as collateral against their debt. Each of us represents a citizen that could be taxed for the rest of his or her life to pay the debt. I am just scratching the surface and this book uncovers everything that has been pulled over our eyes how to remove ourselves from the mess. If you cannot get your hands on the book soon enough, please check out Anna's website at . You will find links to the book as well as almost 200 letters that have been written to the powers that be world-wide. I read every one of these over a three day period. This is the real deal of how we can inform ourselves and get out of this mess. Please distribute far and wide. Thank you!
[deleted user]
Designation making process has to be orientated to fulfil humans needs = support live = make it more wonderful. Every open source made decision need to high lighted how it nourishes life. Every Coordinator or Speaker start talk from how ones activities being here and participating fulfil ones needs. Only people able to clearly express them self what do they need and feel in the present moment, that is sincere reason why any one do ore say any thing in the first place. So be ready to be called for sincerity if you do not start your speech from that. I do not want to here a word before awareness about what is life in the moment in a speaker and people he clam represent.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 21:41:04
Ryan I agree I came across her and her info just yesterday ...... beauty in motion I say! looking forward to reading her book........My first experience of crackingalackin my head open in regard to the legal/smeagol system was reading a online book by ... Mary Elizabeth Croft "How I Clobbered Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Known to Man". Went in search for it again after reading your post Ryan and found that Max even has it in his crowhouse site. I came across this bout 10 years ago ..... back then finding someone who was interested in a good crackalackin ....well it was pretty much..... NIL! (the cr
ystal ball is shining ..... good elbow grease peps!;)
Monday 21 March 2016, 11:24:09
[deleted user]
"You Know Something Is Wrong" then I know it comes from the head and it caused by unfulfilled human need. When we realize what we need then we have strength of the lion, because we act from our heart of the hearts which are always stronger then imaginary motivation from the head.
Get to know by your heart what you need and making head work hard for to get it, gives you more chance to succeed.
Monday 21 March 2016, 16:31:29
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