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Just putting it out there, any body ever thought of [...]

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Just putting it out there, any body ever thought of fading up on a couple acres of land to start build housing, and gardens to start going off grid? With enough colaborative effort this could be done in a couple of months! Any thoughts?
Hi, the idea is great, I was thinking on that too, but to start a community you need more land together which needs to be bought somehow. A community needs infrastructure too, an then the efforts of building everything from scratch. I believe this is the biggest impediment of starting such a great community, otherwise it would be already done. The initial efforts are huge, it is hard to convince people to do it at beginning, and we are yet very dispersed. If we would be at least 10-15 in a region we could already start something.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 21:13:00
turns out, this kind of thing is and has already been done, all over the country and all over the world. contributionism (although it's not called this) is already being practiced to some degree in many of these places. here is a directory of participating intentional communities:
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 03:40:34
what I'm thinking on is visiting each one, and bringing Michael's UBUNTU work to those places, to plant seeds. :)
Wednesday 6 April 2016, 03:41:42
Yes the question is where and who? Personally I would have to know someone pretty well to purchase land with them. Perhaps local communities should start getting to know each other!
Thursday 28 April 2016, 22:30:09
As Michael said, and I agree with him, building from scratch requires a tremendous effort. The better solution is to become a mayor in a small town and do the job on what's already done. He presented the whole picture and plan in his last tour, this year. We don't have to follow, but I believe it is a good plan.
Sunday 1 May 2016, 22:51:01
Here is the plan of action for South Africa, as Michael made it. I believe it is a good start but must be adapted, at least the free electricity (in US or Europe).…
Sunday 1 May 2016, 23:27:13
It's not to hard to make buildings. I know a few people in LA area that are thinking of purchasing cheap land in more deserted areas and building adobe housing. Land in the desert is cheap and with today's technology liveable. With the pooled excess resources of 10-20 people, even just across the west coast of North America, you could purchase land and materials to start a self sustaining community.
Saturday 7 May 2016, 09:43:55
Be careful that the self sustaining communities are not in scope of Ubuntu and will not change anything in this world. Some already exist and have no influence because they remain isolated. The Ubuntu communities are supposed to produce 3 x as much as needed and provide the rest of 2 x to the others at a very low price or exchange. This way the neighbor communities will be forced to follow the model, otherwise they would not keep up with the efficiency of Ubuntu communities. This is in fact the spreading mechanism in the plan of action, so the interaction with the others is extremely important. I don't criticize your idea, it might work, I only want to emphasize this aspect.
Saturday 7 May 2016, 14:13:36
Land in the Peruvian jungle is very inexpensive, as is land on the big island Hawaii=) If I'm fading on land, that is where I'd prefer to purchase. However, I think that with the appropriate resources land here in California could be great. I really do enjoy California, very much.

Are any of you familiar with self sustainable buildings, such as Michael Reynolds' Earthships? If you aren't, you should investigate. Another concern, when it comes to where to purchase land, is the regulatory requirements and red tape that building a self sustainable living space may face. There are "pockets of freedom", as Reynolds calls them, outside of well developed areas in the U.S., but near densely populated areas with infrastructure, these forward thinking buildings may face trouble.

The most important thing, I think, is finding and connecting with the right people, whom are compatible, so that a strong community can form. Compatibility doesn't need to be absolute, but there should be some protocols for inclusion of some members, while excluding others, whom may threaten the peace and prosperity of the community.

Have any of you met one another? I'd like to meet each of you:)
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 01:36:00
I have some land in Middletown, CA. It is the home of Harbin Hot Springs. The town burnt down a couple of years ago and the community of residents that lived and worked at Harbin were displaced. Harbin and the town are still rebuilding. I am interested in doing the research about the potential of this area as the next small town. Beautiful Ancient Healing Grounds. Adjacent to Calistoga and Napa.
Friday 1 September 2017, 19:30:20
I'm interested in hearing more on this when we speak TenMan.
Tuesday 5 September 2017, 20:41:30
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