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Hello the North West I have formed this circle as [...]

Preston, Lancashire
via FCP - United Kingdom - North West
Hello the North West I have formed this circle as a meeting ground for us to get together and share thoughts on how we should proceed. I 'd like to think of it as a first step. So i'm calling on fellow warrior's to come together, we must be strong put aside our doubts and worries, it's time for action.
its not about coming together.......because we already are together. we are one conected entety. it doesnt mater if someone is one meter from me or in paralel universe.......each of us is interconected with everything that exist. new realizations of our selfs its the only way to transform this pit of tears and sorrow. only way. everything else is runing in circle. but see.......the irony of what ever decision it so ludicrisly funny........because what ever you.....who ever you are always conected with everything and a child of everything.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 20:12:08
[deleted user]
I think I understand your view yes we are all connected in an esoteric way but you have to be aware of this connection and this is the main problem. There are many distractions especially for the young that alienates us from this commonality, we are disconnected. Its like watching a football match alone at home on the TV as apposed to being there with 40,000 people in the stadium your emotional connection is heightened. I believe there are forces that interrupt this connectivity and this something we all must be aware of. I wish I could sit with you for an hour or so to talk this through, which is what this project is about.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 22:04:59
we are nor interconected in an esoteric way.......we are conected in all ways possible. when you see people around you ther is no distance between you.........because distance is pure fiction of our everything that we know.......that is way all knoledge is always changing. just 100 years ago we thought that ther is just one we know ther is infinite amount of them. knoledge is fiction like each of our thougts..........but yes.......what i agree with you is that that is what almoust no one see and is aware of it. but that is the reason why we are creating this kind of manifestation. wher everything is upside down
Monday 21 March 2016, 16:32:01
I'm happy to meet. We need to form local groups to stand our ground. There's so much shit going on in the courts, councils etc as 'money' gets tighter for people. Im already helping people realise there are options.
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 11:59:33
[deleted user]
Welcome Lizze to The Full Circle North West we are now seven. This is excellent considering we have not had a recruitment drive. I have been quite for the past month as I have had to come to terms with the lost of a good friend. But I'm coming back to life and ready to push forward. Speak soon. Peace
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 21:11:53
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