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I have read and listened to many videos, mostly Santos [...]

Missoula, Montana
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I have read and listened to many videos, mostly Santos Bonacci, about the first step is to file the UCC 1-308 papers with your local courthouse and unplug from the system, get your birth certificate that says Live Birth, then you can face the "system". After this you can start living to be free.....this is how we can start the UBUNTU way of life. Judge Anna Von Reitz, from Alaska, has already given final notice to the Vatican, about returning all of the property and assets taken away from us, our forefathers, etc. These are all in the works, but we each must taken back our sovereignty and declare that we are Living humans and sovereign on the land. All of the courts are under Admiralty law, on the sea. We are considered lost at sea until we file that we are living men and women. That is how the whole system is concocted! This is what keeps the hamster wheel going!!! It isn't enough to just know all of this, action is required! Come on brothers and sisters, don't give up, educate yourselves, the way is out there. I have already filed this paper, UCC 1-308. It's not difficult!
It's all "legalese" to me! Is there more info on how to do this somewhere?
Saturday 19 March 2016, 22:18:53
[deleted user]
Hi SkyDancer

Tuesday 22 March 2016, 22:47:03
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