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Dear Zengemini, It has taken a few years to get a [...]

Kallista, Victoria
via Ubuntu - Australia
Dear Zengemini,
It has taken a few years to get a group of people together, that will not be changed and are truly backing Michael Tellinger in all ways. The Ubuntu Political Party is not our main goal, only a platform to get the Ubuntu lifestyle into main steam public view.
The Ubuntu movement is for everybody, anybody should be able to approach their local Council, in relation to setting up an Ubuntu community or other community related activity. We, the party are only here to assist you.
Don't forget we are all here today, because of what one man has done and continues to do in South Africa.
One man in another country.
The current system is designed to make people give up, its all to hard......
We are currently trying to deal with the massive overload of people putting Ubuntu related material online, genuine people that have simply given up, these people have caused us problems, simply because they where not prepared for what lays ahead.
We will be at the next election, supporting the Ubuntu way life.
Supporting one man in South Africa and anybody prepared to take on this massive challenge in Australia.
We need members to get started politically, so as to support the community.
Don't expect things to change overnight, Michael has been dealing with this for 10 years, only now is he getting the correct people together worldwide, to be able to have such parties.
Cam Russell
Ubuntu Party Australia
3x CHEER for progress :D
Saturday 19 March 2016, 20:43:10
Thank you for touching base Cam and for your input. I am not new to Michael's work. I am an Aboriginal Australian who knows too well the challenge of change and that things do not happen over night. I also know the power of action and commitment and that was my point really. You have given me an idea of where to start. Cheers Gayle
Sunday 20 March 2016, 03:07:15
Hi Zengemini, I hope you stay with us for Ubuntu- we have only just started the party & are still organizing things, getting people working together in groups locally is what we are working to set up now- this is not about just online activity for us I can assure you, & we would be grateful for your involvement. Branwen Morgan, Secretary, Ubuntu Party Australia.
Tuesday 22 March 2016, 14:16:59
Thanks Branwen, it is the people like Zengemini, that push us forward. I too commented on the Ubuntu Australia Coordinators - Facebook page, not that long ago. Those that don't just want to blog or complain about things. Those that want to be active.
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 16:50:37
Hi Branwen, thank you for touching base. I have had one response from another member in my area which is encouraging. Yes I will stay. I believe in this project heart and soul. Thanks again for the encouragement Cam. Cheers
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 22:40:22
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