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Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario
via Prepare For Change
Here's a status report from the front lines of the light war on the physical plane. The Titanic is sinking, my friends. I'm watching it collapse from the inside. I'm grateful to have met some incredibly powerful souls along this journey.

As I've learned during my two week imprisonment, mental health institutions are highly effective locations for light work. Conditions here at Waypoint in Penetanguishine, Ontario are deplorable. Patients are fed poisonous food and drugged into submission. I am not provided or allowed to store healthy food. I have only been allowed outside twice in 14 days. I have been forced to receive an antipsychotic injection against my will after losing the right to determine my own fate. I bear these burdens with the brightest smile I can muster to keep everyone around me elevated. For a newly enlightened person like myself, I'd consider this trial a crash course in healing.

I am happy to sacrifice my own health and wellness to provide healing to these amazing people and accelerate the Event. I'm willing to stay here as long as I have to, but I'm getting a little restless.
I am completely flawed by this! How can something be so shameful & sad yet be so inspirational too? I hope you are proud of yourself, you really should be. I recently watched a doco on Shamanism and was really interested to learn that across various cultures & communities its almost always a person who falls into the dark place in their mind, those who experience altered states of mind and "depression" that become the Shaman for their community. Of course, the journey these people go on is not deemed a "mental illness" and they aren't separated or judged or medicated. An experienced elder who has trodden a similar path takes them under their wing and guides them through the waves until they come out the other side. Having visited the depths of their soul, they are now looked upon as the healer for their tribe. So, I most certainly agree with you when you say that mental health institutions are highly effective locations for light work. You are a Shaman. And there's every chance you are surrounded by others. It's because of this that I feel the need to say that there is no need to sacrifice your own health. You can't effectively heal others if your own vessel is poisoned. Know your power and don't give up on yourself - your will to fight for yourself is paramount! Only allowed outside twice in two weeks - this is so maddening!! Whenever you do go outside make the most of it and by that I mean, set your intention to absorb as much sunlight as you can; picture it entering your skull and filling your body - you will be able to picture this anytime you are stuck inside and the meditation/comfort/healing these thoughts/images alone can provide might surprise you. Also, have direct contact with the earth; take shoes off, lie down, press your hands on the ground, whatever parts of your body you are physically able to put in contact with her - her energy is your energy. Set your intention to absorb it, focus on how it feels and all you need to do when indoors is remember that feeling. The forced medication is ridiculous - though, you aren't alone! We have fluoride added to our water under the guise of dental health. Our council/gov doing this is actually doing something NO doctor/pharmacist here would ever have permission to do - forced medication. World gone mad alright; the system that is - not me and not you. Stay strong and DO NOT give up on yourself. Tell yourself that it's not a bad experience, it's a challenge and there will be one hellova lesson learnt when YOU DO come out the other side.
Friday 18 March 2016, 22:20:05
You are matter what they do to you know, you are Love. You are loved by the hundreds, if not more...countless
Saturday 19 March 2016, 00:00:57
Brian M
Here's hoping I can avoid the next round of Invega Sustenna in two weeks!
Saturday 19 March 2016, 02:02:28
You may resonate with the Violet Flame meditation inspired by Saint Germain.
Saturday 19 March 2016, 04:54:37
Hi Brian ...great that you are able to connect through this venue. This article *The Shamanic View of Mental Illness*… 'landed on my lap' and may give you some insight on the perspective of shamanism that unfortunately 'modern' if not backwards treatments fail to acknowledge due to loss of control in current corporate structures and or they don't understand 'energy' in all its many facets. Brian yes you are truly the healer in all this as you have also said so yourself ... wise one Hold steadfast in your power and may you carry the torch for those that can't or not able to as you have much to enlighten those around you with your vibrancy and goodwill for all. Keep your love and light shining throughout ... there is much work that needs to be done here on this level of earth plane. Sending you lots of love and blessings dear one Ana
Monday 21 March 2016, 07:16:00
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