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and here we go... [...]

Santa Eulària des Riu, Illes Balears
via Ubuntu Planet
[deleted user]
Thank you for a beautiful video, the energy is graceful and strong
Friday 18 March 2016, 14:22:28
Piero Pioneer of the Future
@thank you Marian...i ve worked on it the last 5 days...with love and passion...
Friday 18 March 2016, 14:39:53
Piero Pioneer of the Future
please share it as much as all of you can than more we are than more we can change the world forever...
Friday 18 March 2016, 14:41:35
cool can't wait to get started with you on one for ubuntu ;)
Friday 18 March 2016, 17:33:49
Awesome video! I'll be sharing it on all my platforms. T
hank you!
Friday 18 March 2016, 18:29:37
Piero Pioneer of the Future
thank the name of humanity...
Friday 18 March 2016, 20:33:48
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