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To me the journey of awakening is akin to trekking [...]

Town Common, Queensland
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To me the journey of awakening is akin to trekking over the Himalaya of a lifetime of programming, propaganda, empty promises and false prophets. It is hard, it is long, it is confronting, and it can be lonely.

Sometimes I look back over my shoulder and see the place where I came from, with its cosy, false reality. When all I had to do was wake up and go to work and my television would tell me what was important to me, what to spend my money on or what not to worry my pretty little head about.

The thought of resting my weary soul and sliding back down into the world of delusion, where my friends are, where my family are, is almost over-overpoweringly seductive. Then I remember the work I've done to get this far, and I know that even if I do return, it will not be the same, for I am not the same person that left all that time ago.

The truth has battered and bruised me. It has left scars of knowledge that will never fade. It has also given me a wonder of existence that I never new before. It has changed the very essence of my being. I realise now, that even a part-way through the journey, I have no choice but to continue. So continue I will.

The journey is hard and it's amazing, and I never know what is to be discovered over the next peak. I just know that with each peak conquered my spirit strengthens. I hope to meet others on the path, heading in the same direction, ready to discover what lies beyond, together, for the world is truly, an amazing place.
Carpe Diem!
Friday 18 March 2016, 15:24:31
Eve brilliant post you articulated perfectly how I felt when I woke up, it feels overwhelming and so beyond my ability to do anything about these evil psychopaths that I wished I could un know all that I have investigated. So I have come to this conclusion its not my job to forcibly wake people up . If I am around pregnant woman I just ask them to please do some research around the vaccine issue and make their own mind up about what they and their partners are going to do. At least they are not just blindly doing 'what the doctor' says is best. Then I stand back without judgement on their choice If I chad chosen not to say anything and the baby subsequently suffered vaccine damage I could not live with myself. Every time I read about the tiniest act of random kindness I know that energetically 'they' will
not win as fundamentally humans are good people.
Saturday 19 March 2016, 04:48:16
That's one of the stages isn't it? Abstaining from judgement. Which is hard when you care so much and you really want people to know. It seems if you could just simply tell them what you've learnt it would save them so much pain and suffering. I've realised now that pain and suffering is all part of the journey and everyone's lessons come to them in different forms. Some people never wake up and some people seem awake from birth. Never the less, we are all brothers and sisters on this planet together and we all have our own journey to undertake. We can only walk side by side. To attempt to carry everyone on our shoulders just slows down our awakening, and prevents them from fully learning from their own journey.
Saturday 19 March 2016, 05:49:56
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