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I know since i was born, that there is something [...]

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I know since i was born, that there is something wrong. I can't live in this way. It's like everything is onnatural for me. Like we all live in a fake reality. I want truth! truth about my origins, my humanity. So i can make it mine, and create my own reality!
I feel the same way
Thursday 17 March 2016, 14:21:37
Mickey A
The only problem is that everything i do seems to be powerless. How can we beat this falsehood? The multinationals , the ignorance, false religion, all this corrupted system..... i don't have much hope...
Thursday 17 March 2016, 14:30:47
Albino Scorpion
Your not alone
Thursday 17 March 2016, 15:58:05
Sean D
Focus on the facts. You know you have the right mindset so don't let the opposition get you down. Look at it as a challenge, you know you have the evidence to back it up so don't be afraid. Even if we don't see the change in our lifetime we are setting it up for the generations to come.
Thursday 17 March 2016, 16:29:39
Mickey A
Thank you Sean. it's so difficult to start this new conception of life...becouse it changes youre life so radically. It's difficult to accept many things,...but yes... hope that in the future all will be clear to us..and all will be truth.
Thursday 17 March 2016, 16:42:10
Me too Mickey. Its so weird I was just telling my wife that this morning. I always knew but I just couldn't put it together. Cheers my friend :)
Thursday 17 March 2016, 16:53:57
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