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UBUNTU Germany Clarification Michael Tellinger will launch Ubuntu Contributionism in Germany [...]

Bördeland, Sachsen-Anhalt
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UBUNTU Germany Clarification

Michael Tellinger will launch Ubuntu Contributionism in Germany on the Easter weekend visiting Bavaria and on the following weekend Biere (Magdeburg).
The Bavaria meeting(s) will consist of a brief intro workshop.
The Biere (Magdeburg) event will be a full 2-day workshop. Michael describes his plan for the first day as follows:
"This is a special full day UBUNTU training session for those interested in becoming UBUNTU Party Deutschland representatives and candidates. We are establishing an UBUNTU Contributionism Academy at this venue in Biere, under the guidance of well experienced facilitators Claudia, Magdalena and Caspar. Anyone who wants to participate in the political side of the UBUNTU movement must attend this training session - so that we all speak with the same knowledge and share the same plan of action. This session is a very liberating experience for all who participate and will give you absolute confidence - in your heart - about what we are doing. I encourage those that want to be involved in the political side to attend this event."
The second day we will cover the actual conditions and necessary steps especially in Germany, we will also present specific new data on the legal conditions of the German municipalities (Gemeinden).
The new UBUNTU Contributionism Academy will also train any UBUNTU Affiliates, Representatives, Coordinators and Candidates from other countries. The Academy will provide the course in English and German.
First of all we would like to meet all those who have expressed their interest to undertake action in Germany to attend this weekend workshop and show that we living in Germany can take responsibility for our part to get UBUNTU Contributionism rolling.
The special workshop needs to be booked in advance (as soon as possible). Please use the email addresses below rather than the telephone.

Organizer for Bavaria is Gernot Gauper, E-mail to Walter: [email protected]

Organizer for Biere (Magdeburg) is Magdalena Moser, E-mail: [email protected]
Wäre sehr gerne mit dabei, schaffe es aber bis dahin nicht nach Deutschland
Friday 18 March 2016, 08:24:09
Claudia Moser
Wäre schön wenn du dabei sein könntest, aber vielleicht demnächst mal wenn du wieder in Deutschland bist.
Thursday 24 March 2016, 16:13:12
Hallo, wird das Sonntag Workshop was besonderes im Vergleich mit dem Samstag Event in München enthalten, oder sind sie relativ ähnlich? Lohnt es sich an beiden Teil zu nehmen oder nicht? Danke. SG.
Thursday 24 March 2016, 21:15:09
Claudia Moser
Hallo Chris, das lohnt sich auf alle Fälle. Hier in Biere bei Magdeburg findet am 2. und 3. 04.16 eine Spezielle Trainingsession für Aktive statt. Beide Tage werden sehr interessant. In München ist ein Intro treffen geplant. Freuen uns wenn du dabei bist, bitte unter [email protected] anmelden.
Friday 25 March 2016, 21:02:46
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