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Hi guys coming at you from my phone, really stressed [...]

Rosehill, New South Wales
via Ubuntu - Australia
Hi guys coming at you from my phone, really stressed & worried at the moment ,every time I try to get on this site from my laptop a number of horrid popups & viruses prevent me from doing so, I recently got tricked by a big virus that came up like a warning with a loud siren it had a number attached as a helpline so in desperation I called & they've hacked into my computer, I went into control panel & downloads & eliminated anything from that day & downloaded Spybot virus & malware protection (free download) but it seems my laptop is Fkd, I'm not computer savvy, any advice & people beware & why is it just when I go on my UBUNTU sight, is it happening to any of you?
weird nop not to me
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 00:41:50
It never happened to me. Try Avast Free Antivirus and Malwarebytes. They're free.
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 07:41:43
this happened to with the last Ubuntu web site also. so it was made more simple so less spam and junk. Australia Ubuntu Party is growing so big and fast it will be attacked in every way. get private spy ware protection. Best of luck to you and you know not get tricked by pop ups.
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 12:50:48
[deleted user]
I don't know if there is such a thing as privacy but I use "" as my search engine. It says it doesn't track you. I've used Avast free Antivirus in the past but now use "Norton"
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 13:07:00
Yeah privacy is a relative concept
on the internet
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 20:25:27
hi guys i'm back it took a 3rd malware anti virus protection download before I could finally get rid of it! 360 total was the best it took a lot of work but I finally got rid of it last night, it was totally attached to this site, but all seems well now : )
Saturday 19 March 2016, 08:16:39
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