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The new messiah is not on his way, aliens from [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
The new messiah is not on his way, aliens from tau ceti are not waiting in the wings to rescue us from our own folly and 'hope' was left in Pandoras box as it was a useless commodity. We are in a situation that we need to do something positive about changing. A few days ago I posted a piece about the need to take action globally and that the financial system is a very good place to start. As we all know, the Banking Elite are the real threat to all of our lives, never mind who controls the Bankers, first we must deal with the Banks and the system that they have created. I received one comment from Carey (thanks Carey!). No one else thought that organizing against the financial system was a worthy option. This is because finance and the way it has been programmed into our very DNA (JOKE!) keeps us believing that it is the only way that the world can be run. In my view we need a completely new system for civilization and not just the 'same but different' structures like bit-coin etc. We need to fully jump out of the box and reorganize society in a way that changes its very foundations. Not only does the present financial system operate through our imagination believing it to be real it also has a standard of living index and value system that upholds hierarchy. A dustman is as important as a lawyer within society (in fact a dustman really does have value whereas a lawyer simply exists to uphold the status quo and the control system!) so why does the lawyer receive bundles of cash while the dustman retains a working class status? We need to restructure but first we need to obliterate the system that we are in at present! Any real ideas?
I hear your urgency Tony and your frustration. What is it about Ubuntu that doesnt fit your vision? Seems to me better to support something near to what you want than to recreate the wheel and start from scratch. To me the key part of the banking fraud is the privately owned central banks, creating money from nothing and charging interest. Even the brainwashed masses can understand the absurdity of this arrangement so could be a good point to focus on. I suggested a market chai tent as a way to reach the brainwashed masses. I was also dissappointed in the response with only one reply from Pete {Thanks Pete
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 08:02:36
[deleted user]
I have to go with Carey on this, Tony. While I agree that the current financial banking madness must stop, it's next to impossible to dump the existing system and put in place a completely new one. Unless we go off and establish some self-reliant anarchist community, one way to do away with the old system is to implement a new one in stages. We could return to some form of barter system, or even better, use physical gold and silver as a medium of exchange.
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 08:58:31
Eamon O
Hi tony. I'm very interested in the Ubuntu idea. I agree with you, we need drastic change, a whole new world. The Ubuntu idea resonates strongly with me. Each to their own, but whatever the solution, it must be played out on the ground, in our communities. It is so difficult to accept such drastic change and give up our "security" and trust in something new. Personally, I struggle but my only hope is networking in my everyday life. But everyone is so busy trying to survive. Sacrifice is required and very few are capable. God bless one and all.
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 09:50:26
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