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invitation for a WORLDWIDE meditation "Brothers and Sisters of Earth, global [...]

Montivilliers, Normandie
via Prepare For Change
invitation for a WORLDWIDE meditation

"Brothers and Sisters of Earth, global action will take place on your planet in a few months.

This action will be coordinated with our agents in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

This positive action will aim to help the Earth to balance the negative information received from the media in general and the Internet in particular.
Indeed, in recent years - due to terrorism - many distressing information that generate all sorts of negative emotions and a general fear, disrupt your planet.
We want to help the people of Earth to overcome their anxiety and fears.

To counter this fear that plunges the Earth into darkness, we are organizing a worldwide action that will allow you to send positive vibes, love and beautiful thoughts to the planet Earth.

This will be global and galactic because the "D-Day", all available agents on Earth, all the agents of the Galactic Fleet and two allied races from other planets will act at the same time as you.

A day and a specific time (Paris time zone) will be announced a few weeks before this action, and only on the website of Patrick Delsaut ; this, so that there are no evil people who would disrupt this global action.

For people living outside France, on another time zone, the action is very simple: a few moments before sending your positive thoughts, you simply set the trigger your thoughts to the day and time scheduled, thinking the next thing (or a variation of your choice): "My thoughts are stored in the collective memory of the Universe and will be sent on the day and the hour announced, according to the time zone of Paris. "

It matters not that you send your positive thoughts for hours or just a minute. Any help will be invaluable in this world love action.

We advise to perform this action in the form of a meditation in peace and quiet, to share your positive thoughts with all humanity.

That love and blessings be upon you. "

The representative of the Galactic Council…
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 01:49:46
Vic B
The change is already happening with disclosure that we are all living on a flat Earth, indeed, we are in 'end times' with our present situation.
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 22:32:29
"hollow earth"
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 22:49:28
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