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Major Initiatve All please read. OK guys here is a suggestion [...]

Coolum Beach, Queensland
via FCP - Australia - Coolum - Sunshine Coast
Major Initiatve All please read.
OK guys here is a suggestion to raise funds and to promote fcp
We set up a Chai tent at the local markets as a front for our meetings (lol)
We serve organic Chai tea and cakes slices in the traditional chai tent style. That is a large tent with cushions low tables and instruments guitars drums. The general ethic - music is the province of the spirit therefore the province of all people so we encourage everyone to participate however small or indeed crappy. Usually it is really good and can ascend into a trance dance.
It can double as an organic food exchange. We can sell tshirts maybe with some of the images on Max Igan's show on AV6 put an FCP logo on with the picture on the front and meaningful text on the back as an fcp fundraiser
Also we could have a soap box with mike and amp about a different issue each week say starting with vaccinations.
Might sound like a big committment but not everyone has to attend each week. Ideally we could cover several markets and really get the message out there. I would love to see it set up as a co-op helping us help ourselves. We could blueprint the plan and distribute it open source globally via fcp,
What do you reckon guys? feedback welcome, actual support and action most welcome
Sounds good. Next time we meet up lets make a plan of action and I'll write down any ideas that might be helpful too!! I'm sure if we all have a job to do we can get things moving pretty quick!!
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 07:14:30
Fantastic idea
Saturday 2 April 2016, 22:41:38
buy Yandina Market - it is only $20 to get a stand there
Saturday 2 April 2016, 22:41:50
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