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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
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Galactic Citizens. This post will appear on the site, created by Shamanic Engineering, as soon as I find out how to embed the video! is designed to provide a forum for longer, deeper discussions. Please comment here or there!
When I saw the first frame of this video I thought I was looking at a Geimsa stain of a biological specimen. Nope, or sort of nope. This is our universe.

The Multiverse, as some call it now, appears to be an infinite, integrated, organic-appearing, cohesive form. The implications of this, our awareness of the resonance of this connectivity, the beginnings of grasping that we too are part of this neural net of galaxies, star systems and planets, has been trickling more and more deeply into the mass consciousness of the human race at an accelerated rate for the past 100 years or so. At the present time, discourses ranging from quantum physics discussions to wild and scary fantasy stories are filling our primitive shared brain, the internet, as they fill our collective imagination.

It is no coincidence that the internet is currently filled with clusters of active posts about: healing ourselves and the Earth; conscious awakening of humanity; revelations about the evils of the existing power structure; stories of encounters with space beings. These are the great themes of our times. I believe that each cluster of posting people is, sometimes unknowingly, riding the same wave of consciousness, describing the same thing. Everybody is getting the commonality at whatever level they are able to appreciate it. We are on the verge of assuming our place as Galactic Citizens.

Those of us who are waking up to our larger Selves at this time are finding ourselves in the company of other humans who are at the moment in a huge variety of different states of their personal conscious growth. This is our school. Our fellow humans, especially those whom we dismiss as ignorant, as sleepers, as villains, are here because we need them to wake up ourselves. If we did not need them, we would not be here. If they did not need us they would be somewhere else, because the awakening process is what's happening here on Earth at this time.

Everyone is perceiving this phenomenon, this stage of human growth, at the level where they are able to perceive it. Some are describing experiences with very low energy, some with very high energy, in each of the areas of stimulus. That is because all of the contents of our awareness, from the lowest to the very highest consciousness, play a part in this explosion of growth which we are now experiencing. The blessed internet is a democracy of sorts, where all types of energies can be expressed.

For some, it seems to be easier to discriminate from the dross and to pull out the spiritual gold among internet posts about healing, awakening, and political injustice, than it is for them to see the value of some of the posts concerning reported contact with extraterrestrial life. A number of the people who report alien contact are aware of this popular avoidance. They credit the turning away from this area to powerful messages from corrupt governments who have ridiculed those who report contact and have disposed of both people and information that challenges the idea that there is no contact with "outer space." Some people even argue that some of the misleading material which has been published along these lines is a conscious disinformation campaign designed to turn people away from even looking at the possibility that we are living in a web of communication, of resonance, which includes the entire Universe, or Multiverse, as some call it now, and that we might have contact with other life forms.

"The stone that was rejected by the builders has become the head of the corner." From You-know-who, Luke 20: 1-18. I think Don Juan Matus might have said something similar.

As I observe now, from my current familiarity with timelines, with dimensions which may be without, may be within, may be both, the Universe seems flexible, more infinitely flexible that I could have imagined, limited only by my powers of perception. While thinking we are talking about competing areas of experience-- we are all talking about Spirit in different ways.

As a race we are faced with seemingly insolvable problems. This is our initiation. Part of the key to our transcending the problems and realizing our goals of peace with Earth and freedom for all, is seeing the oneness that connects every point of view. As it happens, this mass blessing of one another's path is the ingredient we need both for peace at home on Earth and for assuming our rightful place among the galaxies.

For me, the galactic awakening process began one night in 1992, as I was driving home from a remedial math class that I was taking at Columbia Gorge Community College in the Dalles, Oregon. I was taking the course hoping that a decent grade would make it possible for me to advance my career in the healthcare field. Driving along in the dark, I was seeing visions in my head inspired by our class discussion topic for the evening: differential equations. I had just learned that evening that by adding variables to the equations, I was adding dimensions. Two variables made three dimensions, three variables made four dimensions,...and then what? Five? Six? Twelve dimensions? In the darkness, as my old truck negotiated the sharp turns and twists of the dirt mountain road to my home, illuminated visions of colorful fireworks, the closest I could come to imagining twelve dimensions, were exploding in my head.

The visions lay dormant until, many years later, when I moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, my new best friend turned out to be infatuated with the idea of making contact with space beings. I listened patiently, scanned the night sky with him sometimes, without much enthusiasm. But by that time I had completed my science studies, had recently gotten my M.D. and had just completed residency, so I was feeling on top of the scientific world. I knew that the distances between planets in light years made travel between star systems in space vehicles virtually impossible, and that was that.

Several huge new breakthroughs occurred in my awareness as I participated, a few years ago, in Ayahuasca circles. On one plant journey, I found my awareness had gone out of the room where we were gathered in our plant circle. Suddenly I found myself walking up on the top of the ridge of the Black Range mountains fifty miles away. As I surveyed the tall pines, the rocks, and the underbrush, I became aware that everything was made out of-- praying mantises! I wondered why I have never noticed this before. Big mantises bent themselves in the shape of mountains and tree trunks; small, tiny mantises bent themselves into the shape of leaves. The closer I looked, the more layers of tinier and tinier mantis forms became apparent in the shapes of everything that I could see. I also "saw" the mantises walking about in front of me on the hiking trail up there on the ridge. They were about 7 feet tall, almost transparent, with long gangly bodies and mantis faces, each with exquisite, faintly rainbow-colored transparent wings. I had the sense about these creatures that they had been here for a very long time, forever in my terms, and that they were fairly neutral toward human beings, vaguely benevolent. They did not mind us but they were not interested at all in becoming involved in human dramas. They seemed to be concerned about the Earth.

The vision lasted for only a few moments, and then whatever else my medicine journey was about, continued to unfold for me. The next morning, I reported this odd vision in the sharing circle. The leader of the circle replied, "Oh, so you have seen them, too?" His wife was also nodding her head.

This piece, too, lay dormant in my awareness for quite some time, a curiosity.

The big thing which I have experienced with mother Aya is a visceral experience of other dimensions. I was shown my essential Self, like an arrow-shaft extending through infinite space, through infinite dimensions The "third dimension," which is what I have come to call this entire world of form and drama that unfolds in front of us throughout our waking lives, appeared to me then as a flat spinning disk revolving about a narrow segment of my infinite arrow shaft Self. The disk was brightly back-lit with high contrast, like a stage, spinning in space. I was vastly bigger than the stage, stretching infinitely in all directions.

I am not good at physics. But I have absorbed enough of popular physics to guess that travel is possible through different dimensions, perhaps almost instantaneously. Somewhere along the line I watched a popular science video about String Theory. I sure don't understand the math! but in the video I saw my visions of multiple dimensions unfolding on the video screen.This visualization changed the whole ballgame for me, of imagining contact with Others, with those whom we call "aliens," in other dimensions. These beings may not be alien at all. They could just be the beings who have always been here vibrating at different frequencies as well as far distant, who have travelled this way since the beginning of...time? If this is true, then getting input from this bigger picture, joining the Great Conversation of the Galaxies-- could be intrinsic to unraveling our knot here, to healing the problems of our times here on Earth. This seems especially likely to me because I feel this new surge of interest in galactic communication. I believe that surge is coming from the Universe itself. It is inviting us to play.

Recently, I have encountered the work and teaching of Matt Kahn. He states that the awakening of humanity at this time includes inhabiting the awareness of the fifth dimension. The way to experiencing the fifth dimension, he says, is to understand that the Earth and we, too, are already in the fifth dimension, and then to live from that space which already exists. In that way, those of us who sense the larger dimension can bring that awareness more clearly into the shared awareness of all humanity.

The key to living permanently in fifth dimensional awareness is to understand and to bless the lessons learned here in the third dimension, the school of duality.

These words all clicked together for me. I knew the fifth dimension from my plant experiences . Matt Kahn showed me that I already live in it. Eureka. As I expand my consciousness (the method I use: basically loving all parts of myself and following my intuition which is my Spirit) I find myself more and more often inhabiting a spaciousness, a relative freedom from judgment, a feeling of freedom and harmony, which I call inhabiting the fifth dimension.

I hear the voice of Spirit within. It comes to me as my own voice. Others hear their Spirit Guides. Others hear Pleiadians. Some have "knowings. It does not matter how the intuition identifies itself to us. What matters is its frequency. What matters is its intent. These are the crucial criteria we can apply when evaluating any communication on any subject; we can use these to discern among energies. How does it feel in our bodies? What is right for us?

The galactic connection has impinged upon my awareness from another angle. As I become more and more aware of the depths of evil motivating the destruction of our planet, explaining this simply as mass insanity among our world leaders does not seem to be enough. The evil is too great and too organized. No one expecting to raise grandchildren on this planet could act the way the powerful rulers of Earth are acting, I think. I am open to consider that off-planet forces could be motivating this destruction, as I can find no other good explanation. With this in mind, I quite recently overcame my revulsion to "alien" stories, and have begun exploring the internet, willing to listen.

Perhaps I have been led to avoid the most egregiously violent of stories about space encounters. Some of the awareness expressed by people who claim to experience off-planet beings, is pretty low in my opinion. What I have found, though, in my searches of the internet, is that almost every person whom I have encountered who reports experiences with off planet beings, ends by saying some version of: the only path to awareness is through the heart. No one whom I have encountered is talking about space weapons, or defense, or anything like that. They are expressing expressing, in different language from mine, the need to find and pursue a spiritual path.

Graham Hancock wrote a fascinating book a few years ago, titled, Supernatural, in which he asked whether shamanic visions, stories of encounters with fairies, and reports of alien abductions might all be describing the same thing. I think he is onto something. Multiple dimensions. Shamanic journeys to other worlds. Wormholes. Enlightenment. Spirit. Might these be different words for the same quest? Might they all be describing the Flow of our destiny, which is, to continually expand our awareness? I think, yes. I do not think we can afford to ignore any of these voices because each yields a distinct set of inspirations. Each voice counts.

The kind people who created this site asked me why I think a discussion of "aliens" is relevant in a forum which discusses practical solutions to the problems facing the Earth at this time. I would say that to solve our problems we must view them in a larger context. We must allow ourselves to be changed by the larger vistas that we see. The larger vistas that I see are changing everything for me. This is why I offer my remarks here as a valid discussion for this forum.

I have done my best to create an introduction to this monumental subject. I am hoping that comments and questions will lead us off in many fascinating directions.

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan
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