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HI All this link is a written Revocation of Banking [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
via The Full Circle Project
HI All this link is a written Revocation of Banking Systems
Let us unite and banish the ties and energetic holds that bind us…
Interesting, however, he sells his wares for $US. If we only accepted a physical, hard money, the banking system would starve.
Saturday 12 March 2016, 00:43:48
[deleted user]
Thanks Paul for commenting, I appreciate your view as i wanted to share and know what others think. I think hes really cool!!! About the wares, true but nobody is 100 percent anything. Frankly his site blows my mind. Some of what he talks about is so beyond anything Ive heard. His voice carries energy that brings a much fuller experience to the listener. This guy is STELLAR! one of our fellow full circle members turned me on to him. Much Gratitude to him for that. Cheers Paul
Saturday 12 March 2016, 02:57:04
Hey T! I did not mean to be too critical. Andrew Bartzis is right!
Bartzis has insight I can only dream of seeing. Have to love that spirit! Finding a way around the traditional banking system is of great interest to me. If Mr. Bartzis accepted bitcoin, or silver, or any foreign currency, or even golf balls, his case would be a home run. What would happen if each of us accepted alternative payments for whatever it is we are selling?
Saturday 12 March 2016, 03:35:23
[deleted user]
Well thank you Paul;) Your ideas are great! I have been thinking about this as well. How much more Trade can i create in my own life? I want to pull away from the banking systems completely too. I really appreciate your feedback and sensitivity to the issue.
If you can Dream of seeing Bartizis insight then you can see it Paul........ You have more power than you may realize
Saturday 12 March 2016, 12:32:12
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